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The usual breakfast because I bought HB eggs yesterday.

Lots of snacking.

Printed the rent/utilities check, but have a few days to drop it off.

Laundered bedding and towels, made the bed with Spook's help.

Watched some storm chasers in IA and somewhere else driving through snow storms. This was after a week of almost summer temps. Also spent time watching the metal detector guy, but he bailed early because it got cold in Albany, NY too.

FFed through 7 hours of the NFL draft. Did not previously know that the final pick, #254, is labeled "Mister Irrelevant", and there is a whole festival for him in Newport Beach, CA. It's a charity event to raise $$ for a lot of children's hospitals and similar charities.

I think they have it wrong. He's drafted, he has a job, he's relevant. The title should go to a non-drafted player voted least likely to be signed as a free agent.

Karaoke at 7, I got there at 7:20, the MC put me on the rotation immediately, I got to sing a lot. Mostly to massive applause. She surprised me with Camelot. I put on my best British accent, and nailed it. Muscle memory - I played King Arthur at Astoria, OR's Lewis & Clark Theater in 1974 for about a month (after 2 months of rehearsals). And it's by far the easiest song in the show.

Also sung:
Sal T'lai Ka Siti
When I'm 64
Make You Feel My Love
You Make Me Feel So Young
I Can't Help Falling In Love With You
And I think there was one more but I can't remember.

Home, nuked cheese on rye with salami. Black Forest cake for dessert.
The UW spring football game in on Tivo, and making background noise.

Plans for tomorrow:
I think Janice is out of town

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