Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Gone Bananas

Ate the last banana for breakfast, it was a long time in the fridge and needed a spoon.

Took my bike out of the shed, used the electric pump to inflate the tires, and rode to the community center. Getting off the bike was a mess, two problems - my shorts are baggy and got caught on the seat and I'm no longer limber enough to get my leg up over the seat. Laid the bike down to escape, then went inside and dropped off the rent. Same issue trying to dismount at home, but I was able to lean on the car for leverage.

After the first garbage bin was picked up & brought in, I made a quick trip to GO, bought bananas, TP and Tim Tams. Still none of the good brand of mochi.

Home, put stuff away. Comcast went down, both Internet and TV.

Don't need Comcast for tivo recordings, so an hour of Mysteries of the Abandoned, and a 3hr Gold Rush double episode on Tivo.

Comcast came back after 2.5 hours.

Watched a storm chaser drive from Ohio to Texas for a false alarm (watched on and off for 4 hours). Also watched the metal detector guy. Vegas roadside assistance guy was on a rare daylight stream, it's his Sunday. Every time I looked, he was eating. In his car. Regular chaser afternoon drive home was fun.

Lunch was a handful of mini meatballs and stuffing. Ice cream sandwich for dessert but I had to work for it. Some popsicles had dropped off the freezer tray onto the bottom of the freezer compartment and were keeping it from closing. Had to remove the tray and use a claw to pluck out the popsicles. Only two of them were broken.

4-ish took a nap, Spook joined me. Actually Spook was already in bed when I got there.

More storm chaser stream, then at 7 headed to Milpitas for the BASFA meeting. Gave reviews of Queen of the Mist and my Grand Canyon trip. Lost $5 trying to get my rumor of the week but some lame "BASFANs Assemble" poured all kinds on money in. I suspect it's something in the Avengers movie, but it's still lame.

Dinner there was beef brisket, mashed and cole slaw, took half home in a box. And a chocolate malt. Yum!

Home, watched PTI and the rest of Gold Rush.

Plans for tomorrow:
11 am phone interview with a QA engineer at Juul.

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