Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another Day, Another interview

Woke up at 7:30, managed to get out of bed by 8, the usual breakfast. Hgl high, forgot to measure BP once more (3 days).

Lots of tornado warnings out, all the chasers were chasing, none of the 7 I followed found one.

11 am phone screen by an HR guy at Juul. The job is right down my alley, but it's in SF. They are near CalTrain, so it's possible, as long as they are not morning people. Mixed feelings working for a vape company too. It sounds like there are at least three more hoops to jump through. They made me sign an NDA, even though nothing proprietary was mentioned on the phone. That's unusually paranoid, NDAs usually are not needed until you are at their site.

Lunch was salad followed by kipper snacks. Tim Tams for dessert.

Watched a lot of storms. And a lot of lost signals. 

When I went out to get the mail I also took the Nikon and shot bees in poppies photos, and ripped out a lot of Bee's Friend plants which have gone to seed. I figure all of them will be done for by the weekend. Pulling them out clears the way for a lot of plants which they overgrew. and weeding. One rose bush is about to flower. 

Watched my usual chaser, this time his drive home was in a massive downpour. Switched over to metal detector guy, who found a trowel and a pipe and something I think is either a token or a uniform button.

One of my gripes with him is he doesn't carry around enough water or a small bucket to clean off his findings.

Called Comcast, dropped the $10/month (soon to be $20) package which gave me NFL Network and CBS Sports (Sunday and Thursday night NFL games) and managed to get another $20/month off with a new 2-year deal.

Went through my Tivo settings and hid the now-dead channels, and deleted the to-do items for them. One channel I will miss is Sci. They had two programs I recorded regularly. But most of the others in the package were sports I don't follow and things like MTV-3, and BET-women.

Watched an episode of Zoo, still have Animal Planet. And PTI and yesterday's TMZ. Still have today's to watch.

Salad to start dinner, then last night's Black Bear dinner leftovers. Tim Tams and Mallomars for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
10 am Avengers 3D
Follow up on Comcast with recruiter

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