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Endgame no spoilers

Up early, was done in the bathroom before the alarm went off. It was a restless night, on account of not taking my diuretic until dinner time. Pit stops about once an hour after midnight.

Spook was on the bed, and survived my insomnia at 2:30 am, as well as all the rolling over and back.

She finally moved to the floor of the guest room around 6 am.

Toilet clogged, it took way too much flushing and plungering to clear.

The usual breakfast, unusually early.
9:30, drove to Mercado cinema. The board said 10:30 3D Avengers, but the ticket person said it was 10, the 10:30 was IMAX. Bought a ticket, matinee price, and had my choice of seats. Not the recliner type, but comfortable. 2 other guys in the theater.

Mini review:
They could have cut most of the first two hours. The final 15 minutes wrapped a lot of things up, but costume choices were Just Plain Wrong. After the opening scene, nothing is shot in full sunlight until the last scene. There are dozens of solo and pair close-up headshots done under amber gels. They went for angst over content, dark over good lighting. The amount of humor approached zero. I think I laughed 3 times, and once was a reference to cheese whiz.

There was some good acting. Mark Ruffalo's laid-back, devil-may-care Hulk is superb. Benedict Cumberbatch comes in way late, but without saying a word carries off his part flawlessly. Karen Gillan as Nebula overcame a very restrictive costume and mask to play her parts well.  Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One was outstanding - hidden strength. Josh Brolin's Thanos was allowed to be both strong and intelligent - rare for a super-villain. Bradley Cooper once again nails the voice of Rocket, but he is given too few lines this time.

I could not tell Scarlett Johansson and Brie Larson apart.

Stan Lee made a cameo appearance but I missed it. The credits say he was a driver.

What they did to Thor is unforgivable. Robert Downey Jr. phoned it in for the first hour or so. Chris Evans is the least Captain America-ish actor on the planet, but his final appearance was superb, at first I thought they had somehow shoehorned Ted Danson into the cast. Tom Holland's Peter Parker qualified for an Overactors Anonymous award.  I was not impressed by any of the child actors. None of them was given anything out of the ordinary to do. Ant Man is lame. It is too bad they made him a central figure.

There was a huge CGI war toward the end which looked more like the battle of Mordor than anything out of the Marvel universe.

Starbucks, but the line to pick up orders was out the door so bright sunny afternoon that it was I set up the laptop on an outside table and checked email. Tried to watch storm chasers but the wi-fi wasn't fast enough.

Home, BBQ chicken wings and the last piece of stuffing for lunch.

Watched storm chasers until it was clear none of them were seeing anything worse than rain. Watched metal detector guy till he ended his stream.

Took a nap. Spook ignored me, I don't know where she parked herself.

Streamed from 7-8. A couple of chatters, one regular, then a bunch of trolls I had to ban. Last 5 minute was crickets.

Watched PTI.

Dinner was ha gow and steamed port buns. Strawberries and cream for dessert. The last of the strawberries. I still have grapes, though.

Delivered were replacement brushes for the electric toothbrush, ear cleaners, sight savers and eyedrops.

Made an appointment for tomorrow morning with my regular Dr.

Plans for tomorrow:
10 am to MV for Dr app
Gardening - more bee's friends gone to seed need pulling
Maybe go back for Pear Slices at night

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