Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Having my head examined part 1

Slept well. Another up early, the usual breakfast, then 10-ish to Kaiser Mountain View. 10:45 appointment, doctor showed up around 11:30. She was kind of frazzled.

She adjusted my BP meds a little, told me one of the meds I had changed from 2 to 3 pills won't do what I thought it would do, so go back to 2 pills. She looked at my feet, they are still a little swollen but nothing caused by diabetes. Once again she suggested a CPAP, but I've been there done that twice. "you have to get used to it, it takes time". In the process of getting used to it I lost a lot of sleep.

She saw the lump on my head, had the nurse take a photo and send it to dermatology. I think it goes deeper than that.

Since I was halfway there, visited 99 Ranch, spent a lot of time admiring the pretty women. Lobster and crab prices were way too high, I almost bought a salmon head, for soup, but didn't. the sesame balls looked small and awful so I only bought 4. Scored two bags of lamyay and three small boxes of HUGE strawberries. Clams in garlic butter sauce and crab siu mai were the impulse buys. No Thai tea, but I have a dozen packets of instant at home, figured I should make up a bunch of those and have a pitcher of that in the fridge.

Home, just in time for daily chaser chat. Metal detector guy was on the road to DC, so I didn't stay on his page very long.

Lunch was salad and the clams and half the siu mai. Lamyay for dessert.

Took out my 4-cup Pyrex measuring cup, microwaved 32 oz (~400 ml) of water and stirred in 4 DeDe instant Thai Tea packets. Poured contents into a gallon pitcher. Repeat two more times. 3/4 gallon of Thai tea in the fridge. Yay! I still have some packets left.

Dermatology called, appointment for tomorrow at 10:30.

Watched Shark Tank and Graham Norton. Then PTI, which I FFed through a lot because they are all about non-Warriors basketball and east coast baseball.

No nap, streamed for an hour, had one participant and then banned  a bunch of trolls.

Dinner I skipped the salad, had ramen and a chunk of fried chicken in it. Spook stared at me, but didn't stay long enough for me to give her a piece. Grapes and strawberries in whipped cream. Watched The Orville. They did a great job of following up the previous episode, and exploring what happens to the future when something in the past is changed. Everyone on the crew got a chance to Act™, playing post-apocalypse versions of themselves. It came very close to Star Trek quality.

Janice texted, she could meet me Saturday, but I'm booked for Saturday. I guess she's busy Sunday.

Pear Slices doesn't open till tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow:
Minor gardening - pulled a couple of gone to seed Bee's Friends today
Think about downsizing.


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