Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Doctor - the sequel

Up many times during the night, nervous about quadrupling my latest BP med, but 3 am got up to take a reading and it was high. :-(

Canceled the 7:30 alarm and bedroom lights, got out of bed at 9. Plenty of time to have breakfast, and be on the road by 10.

10:30 dermatology appointment, checked in at 10:20, doctor was only 10 minutes late. Very tall Korean-American woman, she remembered me from 5 years ago when she burned a bunch of cancerous blotches off my face and head.

She looked at the head wound, said the scab which was in yesterday's photo was gone, and what was left was pre-cancerous. She burned that, along with all the new stuff on my head and face. That's what I was hoping for, except I was hoping the head wound was deeper than it was. A fracture or some such. But no.

Out of there around 11, too early to have lunch in MV, so I just drove home.

It was pretty quiet. Nice sunny day, I gathered rose petals from the yellow bush which has erupted in fragrant blooms. Pulled up a lot of Bee's Friend plants which had gone to seed - still plenty of them still blooming left.

Catmints are now in bloom, too. Pretty blue flowers. Russian sage which I thought was dead has grown up in the rose garden - no flowers though. A red rose which the neighbor's juniper had killed was also resurrected and had 4 flowers on it. I am amazed at the given up on plants which are thriving now. Three milkweed plants in the back have popped out. The word from UC Davis, which created that variety, is they will go dormant the first winter and disappear, but will come back in Spring. And they did.

Lunch was a turkey pot pie. Mochi.

Watched the usual streamers on Twitch. Tweaked my stream's look & feel.

Watched PTI and some TWC. And TMI TMZ.

Moved the three Thai lime trees back onto the front porch. They need sunlight to flower, and there are bees.

Dinner was salad followed by BBQ chicken wings. Strawberries and whipped cream.

Vegas_penguin's stream is in the background.

Plans for tomorrow:
Star Wars Day (May the 4th)
Probably more gardening
5 pm San Jose Giants BBQ & game

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