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May the Fifth Be With You

May it be tequila...

Okay, so today was officially Star Wars Day in CA, and about the only productive thing I did besides laundering the undies, running the dishwasher and watering all the indoor plants was go to Star Wars night at the San Jose Giants.

More on that later.

Woke up too many times in the night, for no apparent reason. A couple of times pit stops did not yield any results. Sleep apnea? Maybe. Nice thing is Spook was curled up against me all night. This is rare. It almost hints she will some day become a lap cat. Almost.

The usual breakfast, but now I'm out of bananas and it's too late to go to GO for more.

The baseball event was not quite a disaster, but I'm never doing it again. The VIP seats, which include a pretty good selection of dinners,  are way out in left field, starting at third base and working its way to the fence. In theory a staff of waitpersons gives you a menu, you place an order and they bring it to you. In practice this takes 45 minutes and is somewhat random. We had reserved a space for x number of people, we were given seating for x number minus about half. People took turns standing. I had doused myself in sunblock after parking the car, so I was okay in the bright sunlight of the west-facing front row.

Which brings us to another almost disaster. We were told to show up at 5. I got there at about 4:45, and the only parking was at the very back of the big lot. There are many things going on from about 3 pm, which I missed. The game started at 5:30.

The San Jose Giants are a farm team twice removed from the SF Giants. This year they suck. They were playing the Rancho Cucumonga Quakes, who are twice removed from the LA Dodgers. They do not suck.

The SJ team -players & staff - wore cool Star Wars game jerseys:

Something interesting about the ravages of time. There are two women in the group whom I have known for about 20 years. One of them almost died 2 years ago, was in the hospital for months. I visited her there a couple of times. I did not recognize her when I first saw her at the game, she looked so much younger and happier. The other woman has been forced to retire from her job next  year, and her husband was laid off from his job at the same time - after moving from a lovely condo because the owner wanted to give it to his son. I did not recognize her because she looks 10 years older than she did last year.

Home, nothing in the mail :-( [expected a shipment of insulin, but no].  Thai tea - two glasses, one left from the 3/4 gallon. Got to get back to diet drinks.

Streamed for an hour, had a couple of conversations. No dead time for a change.

They did not have dessert with dinner, all the food places were closed when I bailed at the bottom of the 7th. I should do something about that after I write this.

I missed the 10 am monthly birthday party at the clubhouse. Probably because I was not out of bed till 10. 

Plans for tomorrow:
Buy bananas
Or I could have lamyay and an egg for breakfast.

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