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Typical Sunday, mostly. I did not go out for bananas but now I am out of grapes. I still have strawberries, but**

Did not set an alarm, was up around 9:30. Spook did her Mt. Howard act but she had to wait for treats till I was dressed.

A lot of posts to check on FB since I'd uploaded a lot of BASFA photos. I still need to Photoshop the action pix of the game - there is some work to be done due to the sun in my eyes.

Had time to read all the news sites, but skipped the Bangkok Post and the Nation, since they would all be about the coronation and it pains me to see that guy they crowned. Part of it is his face - he has a very inexpressive face. Part of it is he is a tall, broadly built man, and he looks awkward in the regal robes his very short and slight father wore for 70 years. Whoever made his robes over-estimated his size, and he looks buried/swimming in them. The aussie-like hat they saddled him with just looks wrong on him. And part of it is I know his history, and how parliament changed the law to allow one of his sisters to be crowned, but his father named him successor instead. The dictator probably had a lot to do with that.

Not much news which was new. A fiery plane crash in Russia. People shot attending a vigil for people who were shot.

I watched (or tried to watch) storm chasers, but their signals went away before the tornadoes came down, so lesson learned, watch their videos tomorrow. Meanwhile there was some fun chatting as they got close to the storms.

I went onto the porch to stream, but had to ban a guy who kept coming on with different names, trolling me. The phone app I normally use doesn't let me do anything about that so I had to switch apps, and finally fire up the PC to try to chase him down. It was bad enough to report it to the police, if he really did put a dick picture on my Discord site, but I didn't find one.

Lunch was mac & cheese, the original recipe with tiny macaroni. I was hungry, pretty much inhaled it.

Tivo had an old Gold Rush episode and a new one. Touching story, Parker brings a sluice box to a site remote site in the mountains of Papua, where a local's grandfather mined until the Japanese invaded. The location and method of mining left with grandpa, and the land was turned into a lucrative coffee plantation. Now they can hire locals to mine gold, and make the place more prosperous.

And a new Graham Norton. Charlize Theron was sooooo hot! And The Zoo,  where a grad student supervised an experiment with lions and snow leopards. Spook turned out to be captivated by the lions.

This may be the second or third time ever she has actually watched what was on the screen. The rest of the show she parked herself on the sheepskin rug.

Dinner was minimal, the last slice of corned beef and the last two pieces of BBQ chicken wings. Salad first. Fudgesicles for dessert.

** last night I made a snack of cut strawberries and grapes in whipped cream. This morning taking my Hgl sample I saw a splotch of blood red on the counter. A little sleuthing told me it was red food coloring on the strawberries. They are very red, and came from the Chinese supermarket. Hmmm.

Streamed for an hour 7-8, from the PC it was easy to ban all the trollers. Tonight there was really only one, with 5 different logins. PIA. But there were a couple of people chatting, so all in all a win.

Also online won a game of solitaire and lost a tile-matching game.

Totally forgot two things:
one-act locally written plays with a talkback session at The Pear
Open hiring event at Great America.

Did some gardening, took out the garbage.

Plans for tomorrow:
Job hunting
Shopping for bananas, grapes and milk. HB eggs too. Maybe non-dyed strawberries
And I am out of strawberry jam
Hang out somewhere people are.

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