Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Weeds, boredumb and job chat

The usual morning. Spook was elsewhere all night but jumped on the bed when the alarm went off. She wanted (more) treats.

Went through my usual work-day list of news sites. There is a minor princess** in Thailand who is an ace equestrian, I think she has won Olympic gold, I know she has been in charge of training the royal mounted guard. She also is a high fashion clothing designer, and was on the cover of Thai Vogue last month. Her cousin the new king has featured her prominently in the coronation activities, probably more because from 10 feet away she looks super-hot, especially in traditional Thai garb, than because she's related. I don't think she has a pretty face, though, which puts her in the same boat as the other princesses.

Was disturbed by some banging coming from next door. Went outside and Lee was beating the bottom of a big plastic garbage can with a gardening claw. She bought a tree and needed a container to plant it in.

She took advantage of my presence to dead head all my roses and pull up some ground cover which she called weeds growing at the base of the roses. When it comes to gardens, she has no boundaries. I need to take her to Yamagami's.

There are still too many bees to pull up all the bees friend plants. Maybe Saturday.

No storm chasers today.

Lunch was a steamer bowl. I never did go anywhere.

Watched TWC.

Job hunt found two more to apply for. Adobe is a PIA, they parse your resume, but they miss things and make you fill them in by hand.  All errors are a show stopper.

Got email that a package from Kaiser was in my mailbox. Huh? Insulin package does not fit in the mailbox. No insulin today, but insulin pen needles. Insulin due tomorrow. I am running low.

4:30 call came in at 4:35 and it took 3 tries. People Ops manager was using a crappy VOIP app, on a weak connection. Two strikes. The interview  was less structured than most. It sounds like they don't really know what they are looking for, and maybe they want a manager as much as a tester. I'm at a point where I'll accept any offer. I suspect it would be a short term, and after seeing their product I think they are not long for this world. Their first round of funding was 1/4 of what my last startup raised.

Delivered was the sander, it came with a battery & charger & two sanding discs. I'm naming it Bernie.

Watched PTI, TMZ and channel surfed. Pizza for dinner.

Streamed for an hour, had to ban one troller 3x. Finally found a way to report him to Twitch. They don't make it easy. Unfortunately they won't let me remove him from my followers list, so he will get notified every time I go live. Streamers have been complaining about that for years.

Did have a nice chat with 2 regulars.

Plans for tomorrow:
Go somewhere
Try to sand down the scratches on the car.

Edit add:
As it turns out, she is actually the daughter of the new king, and as part of the coronation she received some new, higher titles.

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