Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Gardening, gardening and gardening

7:30 alarm was just too annoying so I went back to sleep for an hour.

Breakfast and online stuff, then outside, got out my spf50, put on my gardening hat and gloves, got the rake from the shed, wheeled the garden recycle bin out to the road and pulled out all the gone to seed and some of the barely flowering bee's friend plants. Raked a lot of dried weeds and grass too, and cleared out the jungle. Rosemary and a couple of flowers saw daylight for the first time in 2 months. Lily of the Nile too. And the only bird of paradise on the block which refuses to flower. Tried to pull out the tall grass, but it is in there solid. Looked it up and turns out it is Purple Needle Grass, a terrific drought tolerant, moisture hoarding plant great for landscaping. Roots can go down 16 feet, and it loves clay. So I'll leave it be. 

Cleared some dried underbrush from under the Cali lilac, but there are still masses of poppies around the rose garden and both ends of the front garden.

It was a lot of work, and wiped me out for a while.

Inside, lunch time, watched some Twitch streams, then back outside for round 2.

Planted the two milkweeds on the back retaining wall but in front of, not alongside the resurrected ones. There is some plastic structure in the way. Planted the sprouting onion off to the side.

One lavender plant each in the two cutouts along the carport. Four little thyme bunches in a row to the left of the year-old pair. Many saffron bulbs were uprooted in the process (turns out to be insanely difficult to harvest saffron).

Time for another break. BP was low. So was Hgl - self-medicated with a Klondike bar.

Watched some TV, I think. Watered some of the indoor plants.

Back outside, planted a bright yellow flowering thing by the mailbox, and the purple verbena by the ceramic elephant in the front garden. May have to relocate it or get the electric digger out because the clay is very hard, was not able to dig a deep enough hole.

Got the hedge trimmer out of the shed, slapped in the battery from the sander, and trimmed the rosemary way back. Put the trimmings in the recycle bin, I have way too much of the stuff in the freezer already.

Back inside, salad while watching Graham Norton. Special guest was Kylie Minogue - what made me think she was a black R&B singer? She looks way too hot for 50. Green eyes, maybe she is a closet redhead.

Paused to stream for an hour. Only 2 chatters, 5 lurkers. Raided vegas_penguin but by then only 2 people on.

Melted cheese with salami on rye for dinner. Lamyay and then strawberries and whipped cream.

Plans for tomorrow:
Great America job fair
Pear Slices matinée
Janice for coffee @ starbucks
take out the garbage. Lots of boxes to flatten and bundle

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