Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

The Bitchelorette and Groc

Many wake-ups last night. Spook was on and off the bed. I read in bed till almost 10 o'clock. High Hgl but not so high BP. Bothered by a couple of mosquito bites (gardening occupational hazard) treated with monkey balm. No actual gardening today, overcast and windy, temp dropped 10°.

The usual breakfast but late so lunch was a small salad. Was out of some salad makings, and ate my last banana and HB egg.

Lucky's for cash and groceries. Resisted the temptation to stop in at KFC. Good thing because I beat the "school's out" crowd. Crossing guards everywhere.

Home, put stuff away.

Watched some WWII Gold, which is in the same "watch us spend money and not find anything" format as Oak Island.

Perused the usual news sites. Played on FB a little.

PTI and some channel surfing.

Dinner was shrimp fried rice discovered at Lucky's. Meh. Ice cream sandwich & and egg cream.

No chasers were streaming today except the one usual drive home from work, and also metal detector guy found some old pennies.

I tweaked a second persona for Twitch which I created earlier. Edge won't let me upload a profile pic.

Streamed from 7-8, max of 4 chatters, but they all were gone with 10 minutes left. One troll.

Re-thought my camera trip to see the egret nesting. Better to go Saturday when I won't have to fight Google traffic/parking. Also, it was cold and windy all of a sudden and it looks like rain the next 3 days.

Watched the opening episode of The Bachelorette. She is so phony & shallow. Stereotypical beauty queen. She is from Tuscaloosa, and is a big Bama fan, but she never went to college. Many of the bachelors made a lot of her "roll tide" slogan, probably not realizing she never went to that school. And she encouraged it. The producers sabotaged the show by bringing in the most annoying girl from the previous Bachelor, Demi, with an unconfirmed rumor that one of the bachelors had a girlfriend back home. It sounded to me like social media fake news, he went on a date before joining the show, but Hanna spun her wheels agonizing over this and beating him up so much that he finally left. This meant she did not get to chat with all the guys, and ended up sending people home who should have stayed.

While she was taking a walk to recover from the self-imposed confusion and bad feelings, one huge redhead tracks her down and consoles her, and gets the First Impression rose which should have gone to the airline pilot in uniform who gave her his wings. But there's no Lasting Impression rose, so...

I think I'll give this show another couple of episodes, just to give the guys a chance. I feel sorry for the man who wins.

Spook spent most of my TV viewing under the hall runner. She eventually came out to share the sheepskin with her triceratops.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch it rain
Job hunt


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