Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

April showers bring May showers

Rained on and off all night last night and all day and evening today. The forecast is for this to continue through the weekend, which sucks because I wanted to shoot egrets this weekend.

FB friends have been somewhat helpful in suggesting places to retire to. But only somewhat. Houston looks good. I need to look more at Vegas. NC looks too expensive. SC is too Southern. Albuquerque NM  and Fernley, NV are too high up (anything above 2k feet does rude things to my heart). Also want to look at Boca Raton and Tampa. My heart says NOLA but my head says maybe just for a visit when it isn't kayak season. 

I need to get my nails done. One is in-growing, a hazard of going too many weeks between manicures.

Spook was in and out of bed last night, she was on the padded box by the bedroom window sill when I woke up. She has been more vocal than usual, and more aggressive about scratching the office chair and recliner. But she still won't let me hold her - I pick her up and she bends over looking to escape.

Small salad then watched Twitch streams. Metal guy found a button from an ancient Navy uniform jacket. He's in VA, near DC this week. No storm chasers were out, but maybe tomorrow.

Put the stew beef cubes into the slow cooker with a lot of other stuff, it was ready to eat after my streaming session. Kind of dry. Need to put the leftovers in containers and freeze them.

Was planning on adding the SpaceX launch to my stream, but it was scrubbed.

The half vanilla half chocolate ice cream sandwiches are kind of a FAIL. The vanilla ice cream side has vanilla wafer, and it's not very good.The chocolate ice cream side has a less chocolaty wafer, or maybe that's my imagination.

Watched an episode of WWII Gold, they finally found the tunnel system, but need a lot more time to find the gold. Meanwhile, the local elder who gave them most of the useful clues died, and with him probably the best clues on where to look for gold. They did one interesting thing - threw a bunch of smoke bombs into the tunnel and tarped over the entrance. Smoke came out of several spots in the mountain, so they have some hiking to do.

Also watched PTI and two days' worth of TMZ. TMZ has improved dramatically since I last watched. No more annoying falsetto wise guy voice-over, and they show live video callers after every item. And more in-house guests.

Delivered were 4 Howard Livingston CDs and one DVD included with one of the CDs. Here's the tune which hooked me:

But the whole set so far is listenable. Living on Key West Time, Uno Mas Cerveza, Meet Me In The Keys, etc.
Included in the package was the band's fan club's business card, a car decal, an ad for a brand of rum, and a cloth shopping bag which says:
Sell Your Stuff
Keep The Dog
Live on an Island

And this prompted me to take out my USB CD player and see if it worked in the car. It didn't. Found one online which will work, it should be here Monday.

The car has no CD player because we all use USB drives now, but it only take 68GB max and I have twice that much music.

Plans for tomorrow:
Job hunt
Hang out at downtown Starbucks
Watch the SpaceX launch if it happens (not likely with weather coming)

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