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Maybe I should book a flight

If I'm serious about moving to Houston, I should book a flight and check it out. Alaska flies there from Seattle. I could stop off and have dinner with my sister. Hmmm. I suppose I should make sure she's available.

Health care will be interesting, they don't have HMOs there, but I found a local adviser who can help me find a standard Medicare program. Plenty of houses for sale ~ 100k. Lots of Asian markets. NASA. Maybe I can find a tech job. Comcast, so I can transfer that account. I would probably have to have the car transported, not a lot of charging stations along the way, pretty much have to charge every 100 miles. Hotels may have something. I'll ask around. 

The one thing which makes me cringe is all the STUFF® I will have to get rid of. I have way too much. Maybe youngest sister will take the family photos. Not sure about the piano. I expect stuff will go into storage while I live in a motel and wait for the house to sell.

Now my head hurts.

Enough about that.
Plan A accomplished. It did not rain but it did get cold. But first, I found a strange little coin on my night table - one of those copper coin inside a silver ring. Aluminum, actually. All I could make out was a big 1 on the copper part. So I tossed it into the denture ultrasonic cleaner (which also bills itself as a coin and jewelry cleaner) and was able to identify it as a Mexican 1 peso piece.

Breakfast and the news online as usual, sad to see that a hot young woman wrestler died. In Thailand, the new king's polymath youngest daughter is making all kinds of news. Fashion designer, equestrian and model.

Off to Plan A. New Wing Yuen Market for 10 cans of premixed Thai iced tea, 5 big containers of coconut water. Less than $10 for the amount I paid $20 for on Amazon. Bananas. I wanted some fresh fish, but decided I had enough breaded fish in the freezer. Bamboo shoots and cans of straw mushrooms.

On to GO, they had the dark chocolate Tim Tams, neither store had chocolate mochi, so I bought a couple of small units of fudge mint ice cream. Salad greens, milk and yellow onions.

Home, put away all the stuff, unloaded two laundry loads, watched about a dozen storm chasers. One of them had an amazing view as three tornadoes dropped in rural Nebraska. Another one had an even better view in KS but he got there after I'd given up on following him. There will be more tomorrow.

Frozen curried chicken with naan bread for lunch. Ice cream dessert - turned out to be vanilla with small chunks of mint chocolate fudge.

In the mail were two envelopes from the DMV. One had my commuter lane stickers, the other had a note saying they found the first check I had sent, so here is the other one back, and to call if I don't see the stickers in 30 days. I had sent in the application and check on 3/20 and they issued the stickers on 5/3.

On Twitch I changed a lot of stuff and ran a test stream for 3 hours, no trolls. But I'm not planning on streaming again, I was basically just talking to myself. I can do that without using Internet bandwidth.

Watched PTI, TMZ and a NOVA special on ancient horsemen. Apparently the tribe which first domesticated horses is gone without a trace, and the only DNA relatives of their horses are wild little ones on the plains near where they had been corralled. Also played the whole Paradise Hotel episode I thought I'd watched all of last night. Turns out there was another half hour left, where they brought two new women into the house. This means two women will be booted out the next episode. Or maybe they have more time between "check-out" ceremonies.

There's a Gold Rush episode recording tonight.

In sports news, the Shark lost, the series is tied at 2-2. Warriors are ahead of Portland 2-0 with a game tomorrow in PDX.

Delivered separately were two orders of reading glasses from Amazon. I threw out all the old ones <2.0 which were all over the livingroom. Expecting my subscriptions by the 27th, the CD player for the car should have been here today, I thought. Or maybe Monday. I forget.

Tempura shrimp and shrimp egg rolls for dinner. strawberries in whipped cream dessert.

Plans for tomorrow probably scrubbed - if it's raining hard I won't take the camera out to the egret nesting area. It's been clear all day, the latest is maybe it will be clear until tomorrow afternoon.

There will be storm chasers to watch.

Put the commuter stickers on the car.

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