Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

As Boring As Expected, and then some

Spook was curled up next to me when the alarm went off. She was kind of miffed when I didn't head straight for the kitchen. But when I was dressed and got there, treats were still out and about, but she wanted the tactile experience of rubbing her head against the mouth of the container.

The usual breakfast.

No storm chasers were live but there were some spectacular videos from last night.

It rained all day, when I went onto the porch and saw the water droplets on the Thai limes, it was clear we had some wind too. I streamed for about an hour, nobody showed up to chat or troll. I did report one troller who was connected and just lurking.

PC is doing the big drive full backup, it has been going since 6:30 am, 90% done at 10 pm. Probably will need to leave the machine on overnight.

Lots of responses to my Houston post on FB. Many suggestions of alternatives, one or two were viable, including Aberdeen, WA. The most interesting was from my friend and fellow Thailand RPCV David, who lives in Phuket and Houston, depending on seasons and medical needs. I've visited him in Phuket a couple of times, and knew he was from Texas but didn't know it was Houston. He likes Houston, says there is a Thai temple near him, SE Houston. The climate is like Thailand, so friends who have been posting about how hot and humid it is were right. Summer temps are brutal by US standards, but cooler than Bangkok in hot season. But he also defended Thailand as a place to move to. You're less likely to get shot in Phuket. True, dat.

So I booked a short trip to Houston, hotel near his neighborhood, mid-June. All cancel-able, in case a job shows up by then.

Lunch: small salad & fried chicken with matzo balls. Tim Tams for dessert. Thai iced tea.

Talked to both my US sisters, let them know about Houston trip.

Dinner: big salad & breaded fish fillets. Strawberries in whipped cream.

Did not stream at 7.

Nothing on Tivo so I channel surfed. Saw yet another pseudo-scientist chase The Ark Of The Covenant. He thinks it's in America somewhere, either brought here by the author of Gulliver's Travels, or by the lost tribes of Israel 700-something BC. The repeated reenactment of a dozen or so bearded men in muslin tunics stumbling over the uneven ground of early America carrying and almost dropping a mock-up of the Ark got old fast. Tuned into MTV's top videos program but all they were showing was Khalid, whose only talent is smoking cigars and casting women whose butts are as big as his.

The Weather Channel was playing its old canned disaster programs all day. They really need evening and weekend staff.

Listening to the Jimmy Buffet channel on iHeart Radio, came across another gem from the Zac Brown Band, with Jimmy as a guest star.

Love the line "Senoritas don't care-o when there's no dinero" and love the connection Zac & Jimmy make jamming together.

Forgot to make chopped liver. I have all the ingredients. No excuse. Except lots of time looking for homes ~ $100k all over the place. $125k seems to be the sweet spot most places. I have a friend who is a realtor in Sun City, but prices there are through the roof, thanks to way more amenities than I want. 

Forgot to start getting rid of junk. Remembered to order more underpants.

Took out all the garbage.

Plans for tomorrow:
Bring in all the empty garbage bins

Depends on the weather. Looks like cold, maybe rain
Chopped liver, I hope.
Maybe a trip to the smart station
Watch storm chasers & TWC

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