Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Mundane Monday, Can't Rust That Day

Of course the weather cleared up, no rain at all, but it's chilly, and a work day, not a good time to park at Google buildings.

Woke up at 6, stuffed head, scratchy eyes. Eye drops helped, Afrin didn't. Not sure I truly got back to sleep.

The usual morning routine, Spook was all about leading me to the kitchen for treats. Very high BP, high Hgl but lower than yesterday, lost 0.7 lbs.

The whiteboard said CHOPPED LIVER so I took out the tablet and its stand, and pulled up a chopped liver recipe. Took three tubs of chicken livers out of the fridge, I had left them out all day yesterday to defrost. The recipe calls for 5 HB eggs, and while I had 6 cooked and peeled in the breakfast bin, I also had a dozen raw, and decided to HB them and leave the others for breakfasts. I followed my sister's recipe for HB eggs, and they came out soft, so I plopped the 11 that I had not tried to peel back into the pot, and boiled them up using my unique "I forgot to start the timer" recipe, and they came out perfect. Peeled easily.

Fried the livers in the cast iron skillet, with 2 Tbsp of schmaltz, in two batches. Poured those into a large plastic bowl then peeled two huge onions and fed them quartered into the food processor slicer attachment. Those went into the skillet to be caramelized, which took about an hour. Also fed some celery into the slicer, and added that to the bowl. Finally peeled four eggs, used the slicer in both directions to make eggfetti.

In two batches, using the chopper blade, blended all the ingredients plus the small amount of carbonized onions from the last batch, and poured the resulting sludge into three containers for the freezer and two for the fridge. The latter had enough for two sandwiches, the former maybe 3x that.

A couple of things, not too late to do:
Should have chopped the celery and added it after sludgification. And should have carbonized another onion to add to sandwiches.

It took two dishwasher loads to clean everything.

Lunch was a beef merlot steamer while watching several storm chaser streams.

Brought in the garbage bins.

No mail.

Delivered was a portable CD player for the car. Charged it, then put in a Howard Livingston CD and played it in the car. Worked well, but the audio is analog, so a bit tinny. Good news is it can charge using the cigarette lighter USB adapter while it plays through a stereo analog cable, provided. It cannot play USB audio from anything except an iPhone.

 Watched my usual streamers with several chasers on a multi-window in the background.

Ran the Roomba for the first time in ages, to get some of the cat hair clumps off the rugs. It went all over the place, as usual, I had to keep moving it back to the rugs. Eventually it got most of what I wanted.

Did a load of undies. Ordered 6 more from Jockey.

Watched PTI and channel surfed, stumbled on Mitch McConnell speaking to the Senate, followed by a Democratic senator from VA, both urging passage of their co-sponsored bill to raise the age for purchasing nicotine to 21. Blew me away. Both are from tobacco states. After that was another eye-opener, Joe Biden's wife, Dr. Jill Biden, being interviewed about her book, an autobiography. Joe was in the audience, as was her/their daughter. The reveal is she is an English professor, and all the time she was 2nd Lady she continued to teach at a college in VA. And in the event of the unlikely election of President Joe, she would continue that.

Forgot to watch the Weather Channel.

Of course dinner was a salad and chopped liver on rye. With schmaltz. It needed some crunch.

Got a FB message from my friend David in Houston, I phoned and we had a good chat. He offered to put me up at his place when I visited, but I'll at least spend the first night in the hotel I booked. I told him I'd love it if he threw a party so I could meet some of his Thai friends. And he can give me hints on places to look for houses/condos, etc. Flood zones are important. They are real there, unlike here. Turns out we are fellow pacemaker wearers. He says health care in the area is superb.

He also said the place is dull, but I can always drive to Austin. Or the beach.

Plans for tomorrow:
Buy some chicken thighs and pull the skin off to make greben. Carbonize an onion.

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