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Monday we were given notices that today from 9 am - noon the water would be shut off, so I was expecting to get to bed on time and showered before then. But I stayed up until about 3 am watching streamers on Twitch, woke up at 6 to tinkle, then didn't wake up again till 9:30.

So, no shower.

Dressed and fed, then out to Specialty's with the laptop. I tried to charge the car but both chargers were broken. Emailed a nastygram to the charger company because these machines have been erratic for months. Also no power from the outlet I plugged my laptop into.

Checked email, updated my Dell and then streaming software. The name change wrecked a lot of settings.

Home just after noon, there was water, but also a blocked toilet.  Took care of that.

Watched metal guy & drive home guy and 4 storm chasers. Saw at least 2 maybe more tornado funnels. Some of the illiterates on those channels call them "naders" so I point them to nader.org.  

Lunch was chopped liver on rye with schmaltz and greeben. Super yummy. Then a handful of greeben from the fridge nuked for 30 seconds. Mochi.

Not much on Tivo. The Bachelorette 2nd episode was a cruel joke. Beauty queen that she was, Hannah had a group of the men strip down to speedos and walk a runway in front of herself and three drag queens. Then each had to show off a talent (most had none). Next group date was a roller derby, on a poorly maintained amateur track, raked so steeply that no one could enter it upright. One guy sprained an ankle, and besides him only two others knew how to skate at all.

One a-hole named Cal "ABC- always be Cal" kept barging in on other guys' time and events, and since the producers love a jerk, he got the last rose, instead of one of the nicer guys.

Once again Hannah shows she is shallow, all about the display, and wouldn't know intelligence if it fell in her lap. I think she will hook up with the hunk who won the speedo competition, whose talent was to tell her he was falling in love with her. Amazing body, but IQ of maybe 11 to Hannah's 10.
Streamed from 7-8. Much time lost re-connecting the new name. About half an hour of actual conversation, then crickets.

Dinner was almost burned because the timer was set for an hour, not 15 minutes. No idea how that happened. Egg rolls & spring rolls. I rescued them in time. Lamyay.

Watched PTI and TMZ.

almost 10. Will try to take drugs and  hit the sack soon.

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