Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another late night

Up on time, though the alarm failed to sound, and only one of the two bedroom lights came on. And Spook was nowhere to be seen.

Shower burped a few times but settled down quickly. Expected some of that after the water shut-off yesterday.

Breakfast and online check. Several job queries, none fit me. Phone call from a contract agency which got me the Netflix job, they had something in a lead QA position which sounded like a stretch, in SF, but at least it's a direct contract. Recruiter was a little scattered, did not send a job description.

Turkey franks on buns with sauerkraut and dijon and a side of creamed corn. Ice cream sandwiches (Neopolitan) for dessert.

Played with my Streamlabs app, Discord and Nightbot with a little success. Added a couple of commands, including  command to list the commands.

Watched the usual streamers, and built a multi-window view of four storm chasers, but it was too early in the day for anything exciting.

Delivered were the Jockey shorts. UPS said they delivered, but I didn't see a package in the usual places. Read the notice, and it was a handoff to USPS and in my mailbox.

Watched PTI and TMZ, and then a fascinating NOVA item on finding a Viking army camp and burial grounds in and around Repton, England. During which they proved two of the warriors were father and son, died years apart but buried together with honors.

Time to head to Sunnyvale Theater. The rec campus has all new, pretty, readable signage. That only took 25 years. I was the first one there, at 6:55 for a 7 o'clock meeting. Only 7 others showed. Three musicians, a choreographer and her young daughter and one other actor. There were 3 men from the rec department staff.

Bottom line is many improvements have been made to the theater, including scheduling - they were completely behind the resident theater group having uninterrupted use of the space during shows. The only news was the group which ran the children's theater summer program has gone under, and it was too late for SCP to start a program, so what to do during the summer?

Meeting over before 8, they asked us all for our ideas, and were very responsive. I wish I'd been to the first meeting, which was much better attended. 

Home, salad, dinner was chopped liver and greeben in a bowl, strawberries in whipped cream for dessert.

Streamed for over an hour, no trolls, lots of conversation in the last half hour.

Plans for tomorrow:
None really.
Depends on the weather. Looks to be warm enough to go to Bayshore Park with the camera. And my folding crutch, in case I walk too much.

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