Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

The Day of the Dead


Every night before I go to bed I tell Google home it's bedtime, and she does this:
1. Tells me the weather for tomorrow
2. Reads the first item on my calendar for tomorrow
3. Asks me what time to set the alarm for
4. Says goodnight
5. Turns off all the lights in the house (usually only the bedroom lights are still on by then)

1:30 am SmartThings turns off all the lights

So at 1:25 I told Google it was bedtime, and nothing happened. Had alexa turn on the bedroom lights and walked over to the Google Home device. It was very warm, and none of the usual things made it light up, let alone be responsive. Unplugged it again and left it on the floor overnight.

First thing this morning, went online and confirmed I had done all the things, but did them again anyway, no change. Looked for the Google RMA department, could nto find it. Google support sends you in a loop, never gives you a phone number. But the FAQ did say the warantee was 2 years, so I looked up my records, and I bought it in November 2016. More than 2 years by more than a little bit.

So on to Google store, ordered a replacement. The regular price today is the sale price from 2016. Free shipping!**


After breakfast and the morning online stuff, I grabbed my camera, put in a fresh battery, grabbed my folding cane and went out to the car intending on going to Baylands park. The door opened, but when I got inside the car it said it didn't detect a key fob. Sure enough, none of the buttons on it worked either. So back inside, looked up online how to change the battery (very non-intuitive). I needed a 2025. I had every other coin battery in the world, but not a 2025.

Got the spare out of the kitchen drawer, drove to Fry's and bought a 4-pack. Replaced the battery, and it worked fine. My battery meter said the one I'd take out was very dead.

My sciatica was killing me all through Fry's, so let's not go walking in the park.

Watched storm chasers on Twitch instead. Saw some tornadoes form, and one of the streamers was also live on The Weather Channel. Very cool.

**4 pm, the replacement Google Home was on my doorstep. It only took 5 minutes to set up since all the data from the dead one was on the cloud.

We can haz electrical devices.

No lunch as such, just nosherie.

Watched PTI and deleted a repeat of Gold Rush which was labeled by Tivo as new. Dinner was a production.  Salad first, then whip up a batch of McCormick brown gravy on the stove, reheat a batch of beef stew from the freezer, boil water for pasta shells. Dinner was beef stew mixed with pasta shells, with brown gravy. It was very good. Neapolitan ice cream sandwiches and baklava dessert.

Paused dinner and Paradise Hotel  2/3 in to stream. Totally talking to myself, and none of the bots were working.

Spook has pushed away her plush triceratops and is now curling up with a battery driven toy which is a solid plastic ball with a wand topped by a feather poking out the top. It rotates for a few minutes when I press a button, and whips the feather around. But she plays with it as a ball when it is not spinning.

Plans for tomorrow:
It looks to be warm and sunny enough to go to the egret nesting area with my camera.
Maybe coffee with friends after

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