Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

For The Birds

It took me till 10 am to pry myself out of bed, and trimming my mustache I messed up, so it and the fu manchu are gone, but they will grow back.

Tried another Twitch streaming program, it sucks in different ways from the other three. I think I've had enough of the ads and trolls, and will kill my account. Waste of time for the most part, and the interesting stuff is on TWC anyway. Will miss the daily drive home and the metal detection stream, but really need to get away from the computer. **

noon-ish, drove to MV and the egret nesting road. Google has added several visitor parking spaces to the nearest parking lot.

A little disappointing, there were no herons, only the little snowy egrets

 and one night heron.  

There were a lot of vocalizations as the egrets argued over nesting rights, it sounded like yodeling la la la la. There may be eggs, a few of the birds seemed to be hunkered down in their nests. Most were still building or modifying theirs.

Got my exercise, and sciatica didn't kick in till later.

It was a short drive to BB&B, where I exchanged CO2 cartridges and bought a mango splitter for Nancie the Thai cookbook lady. Tomorrow I need to buy a padded envelope in which to mail it to her. Almost bought a fleece throw. The faux fur rug was too small. Both were $40 each. Did buy a Spanish 10" chef's knife to replace the 8" which has been dull lately. Put stuff in the car then back to use the facilities which are thankfully near the front door.

On to the new Safeway up the street a mile or so. The site was a Chinese market long ago, replaced by a Fresh N Easy which was replaced by a GO. The building is smaller than usual for a Safeway, so the aisles are narrow and the layout takes getting used to, but I found what was on my list, and since it included frozen stuff I needed to drive straight home. There are three Starbucks along the day's route.

Janice texted that we're going to Peet's/Specialty's tomorrow at 2. Which means she probably will be coming from one of her AA mentees. I hate that word.  Some sources suggest using protégé instead, but it means someone the mentor expects to follow in her career path, such as an opera singer mentoring a young protégé. A mentee is not being groomed for anything like that, she is only being given advice.

Home, put stuff away, made a salad and watched one of the chasers driving home from a chasers' BBQ. Memorable Day weekend, it snuck up on me.

Some good news, in the park slot was the rent bill, and it was a lot less than usual because there were two refunds from gas & electric for being within the guidelines, and there was a big refund of the water bill overcharge from a couple of months ago.

Trulia.com sends me a daily listing of homes which fit my profile. Aberdeen, Houston, Tampa, Orlando, Vegas. I really do need to move, and should probably check out Vegas.

Watched the wrapup of Gold Rush, a retrospective with the main guy and all the camera people.

I need to replace Twitch with Amazon Prime and maybe Netflix. But I would have to pay for the latter. My tester account has been tagged as questionable because it goes to my defunct official Google email.

**nuked my discord account, but I need to call Twitch support to delete my account because I am an Affiliate, which has some $$ and tax implications. In theory they owe me a dollar. I did delete all the apps.

Plans for tomorrow:
The usual morning routine
2 pm Peet's - plug in the car if the charger is working.
Take out the garbage
It will probably be raining.

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