Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Sunday. Pretty Quiet. Minimal rain, maximal wind chill

Up with the alarm, the new Google Home unit has a different and more effective alarm sound.

Spook spent too much of the day hiding on the floor of the guest room.

Did all the things to erase Twitch and streaming to it from my PC, phone, tablet and laptop. Sent a message to support asking to delete the account - it's not simple for people in the affiliate program. I took advantage of the opportunity to nastygram about their way too aggressive advertising campaigns and their lack of basic security for streamers.

Did laundry - shirts. Spook "helped"

Not pictured - a bunch of Hawaiian shirts which need ironing. My other shirts are perma-press.

Drive E backup was done before I woke up. Pretty big, two photo sessions in there.

It was supposed to rain & thunder, but didn't. Odd, since MyRadar showed a massive blotch of green at about 1 am, out of the west. It snowed on Mt. Hamilton, and in Nevada.

Read all the news sites, BBC doesn't know what the heck is happening - apparently as many people are lined up to be the next PM as are lined up the be the next Democratic Presidential candidate. In Thailand yet another pro-democracy MP was declared ineligible and replaced by a pro-dictator candidate. Totally bogus charges. Business as usual.

1:30 went to Specialty's/Peets to do some stuff on the laptop before Janice showed up @2. She did most of the talking, but it was to try to talk me out of Houston, because she has bad memories of it from 70 years ago. She also helped flood relief with Red Cross a couple of times not long ago. She likes Dallas and Austin better, but doesn't like Texas at all. I've been to Texas a few times, no problems. But it has been a while.

We were joined, as I was leaving, by three of her children. Children of her mentees, she has known them all since before birth. One of them is the kid I thought might be trolling me, but he said he isn't on Twitch. Probably someone he knows, though.

Once again the EvGo charger was broken. :-(

Thinking I should visit Vegas for a couple of days.

Added St. Louis to my list, I have a friend there. Tons of affordable houses there, some in a 97% black neighborhood. Lots of foreclosures. Nice looking houses, though. I'll have to ask my buddy about neighborhoods.

Meals were simple today, not worth writing up.

Printed the rent check. Doesn't need to be dropped off till Friday.

Took out the garbage. Pulled some dead plants from the front garden to add to the green bin. And there was a pile of weeds near the rose garden waiting to be deposited. Emptied a 1/4 jug of washer fluid into the car so I could recycle the jug.

Fired up Amazon Prime, watched Peter Beagle's Last Unicorn until I realized I'd seen it before, and it's as stupid now as it was then. All-star cast, though. Amazon had a free Tubio or something like that, which I installed and watched a sci-fi disaster story called Europa Report. A crew is sent on a long trip to that moon of Jupiter, ISO life under the ice. They went out of their way to replicate transmission errors, forgetting that we were supposed to be watching the archive footage shot inside the spacecraft. The film is devoid of acting, full of special defects, and continuity is sacrificed to give the appearance of communications errors.

But I was so very bored about Life, The Universe and Everything that it was entertainment. But I won't use the app again, it has commercials and doesn't allow any FF/RW or pause.

Did a load of dishes, washed out the cat water fountain, attempted to clean gunk from the bottom of the oven. Notes to self:
1. "Easy" Off isn't
2. Following the directions to heat the oven to 200° before spraying the cleaner can lead to serious death in a cloud of white smoke
3. It's easier to wipe the oven down if you remove the door
4. what Easy Off didn't remove may require a chisel

Also soaked my favorite non-stick cookie pan, which has been must-stick for the last couple of battered fish meals. FAILed

Watered all the indoor plants - a day late

Plans for tomorrow:
Thought about seeing Aladdin, but it's a school holiday.

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