Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Fun with spacial disability

Up and out of bed by 8. Spook meowed for treats but they were already out there.

High BP, less than yesterday but still high Hgl. Same weight as yesterday.

Spent way too much ink and card stock trying to make a card for Nancie to go with the surprise gift. InDesign had a couple of templates I'd made in the past, but I am a FAIL at spatial visualization, and what my brain said to do was not what the printer did. Achieved a "good enough" card, but did not seal the package.

Lunch salad then two half sandwiches with chopped liver, schmaltz, HB egg, greeben. Mochi.

Watched a couple of episodes of Ancient Americans in which two major mind-benders were revealed: Vikings left runes in Oklahoma, and the 20,000 years ago Floridians were from Europe. Smithsonian expert points out that the land bridge theories are for wimps who don't understand that if you have boats, the ocean becomes a highway. The format of the show is annoying, they update "what we know now" every return from commercial break. As a result, 15 minutes of content takes an hour to air.

Brought in the garbage bins, moved the car up and plugged it in.

No progress on the job hunt, no new postings this weekend.

Watched a lot of TWC, but they did not show much storm chasing, just aftermath.

Fell asleep in the recliner a couple of times watching Spook embed herself in the sheepskin rug. Woke up when she started playing with the toys.

Back to InDesign, realized that the second page graphic had to be upside-down. Used cheap paper and low ink setting to get it right.

Print the first page, then flip the paper horizontally and print the second page. The top page folds over horizontally, and when you open the card, the bottom page graphic is revealed at the bottom of the second page. To me, counter-intuitive. Finally got it printed on card stock the way I wanted.

Was about to make a pre-dinner salad when the light went on. Defrosted some cooked shrimp and some salami, cut some the salami balona into strips and pieces, ran an HB egg through the slicer both directions, pulled out a soup bowl, added a handful of spring greens, olive slices, marinated artichoke heart quarters and blue cheese dressing. Voila! Shrimp Louis/chef salad. two ice cream sandwiches and a fudgesicle for dessert.

Watched PTI and the last half of one and the first half of a second episode of Face The Truth. This is a newly discovered (by me at least) show where two people who have issues with each other stand behind lecterns and face a panel of four women seated in patio chairs who interrogate and judge them. It's somewhat Dr. Phillish. The four women are three very attractive professionals (lawyer, PhD Psychologist, a DDG actress, plus a very butch older woman who is IRL a minor court judge) and an pretty MC. The first episode was a mother who wanted her 22-year-old son to get a life and move out. The second was a young woman who says she won't get engaged to her boyfriend because she doesn't trust him. Turns out she's an exotic dancer and was playing one of her customers, dating him, taking $ from him and thought this was a good thing because it helped her and boy friend pay the bills.

Tivo is filling up again. Graham Norton, The Bachelorette and TMZ yet to be watched.

Janice had suggested maybe I retire to someplace in CA that's more affordable. And I'd been only looking at houses, not manufactured homes on mobile home parks. So I looked at some of the latter in SoCal. None of them list the space rent, though.

Delivered were the bubble wrap envelopes. Idiot delivery guy rings the front door bell, but then climbs over the porch furniture to leave the package by the kitchen door. He was gone before I could catch him and tell him what an stupid thing that was.

So, surprise package is ready to go, $5 stamp is enough for first class mail.

Plans for tomorrow:
Unplug the car
10-ish, drive to the PO (earlier the back parking lot is closed and the front will be crowded)
Baylands if the temps go to the 70's as predicted
Job search
Catch up on YouTube videos

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