Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Going Postal

Up early, breakfasted, Facebooked, checked the news.
10 am drove to the PO, but they had not opened the gate to extra parking, the lot was full and traffic was backing up so I went around to the employee gate, parked at the first spot, and deposited the package in the mailbox by the road. 1 pm pickup would be the same as the slot inside the PO.

GO, but they don't carry any Comet-like cleaner.

Home, watched TWC. None of the StormviewLive gang made it onto the screen, though a lot of other chasers did.

Lunch was cold cuts

Started to fade, decided to lie down before I fell down. Watched some Thai videos on the tablet. Spook curled up next to me, and after half an hour was snoring.

Dressed again, made some soup from cooked breaded chicken thighs, matzo balls, salad onions, garlic and broth. Pretty good. I didn't finish the soup, don't need the xtra liquid.

On Tivo was PTI, TMZ and The Bachelorette. The Bitchelorette did some very strange things for group dates. The first one she had the guys doing all the mom stuff with toy babies, and strapped on a pregnancy pack. Final bit was over the top and dangerous - using electric shock in the groin area to simulate labor pains. Could have killed anyone who had a heart condition. But they all lived. It exercised muscles women don't have, so it was just cruel.

Cut to her in the hospital getting IV fluids. She had collapsed in the hotel. She had to cancel the 1-on-1 sailing date, but she invited the guy to her hotel room to keep her company for an hour or so.

Second group date was a tailgate party in the yard. No tailgates. But there were footballs and a sandbag toss. 

And surprise - she was up for a nightcap with the 1-on-1 guy. Not a full dinner, but she gave him a rose.

They announced without explanation that one of the two guys named Tyler had to go home. According to Twitter: He went to Europe with a previous gf and during their trip they got into an argument and he spit in her face and left...like actually left her in Europe. Past history caught up with him.

Next group date wasa photo shoot - each guy was paired with a different animal. That Beatch Demi had set up cameras and a viewing room, and Hanna listened to the makeup artists (actors, not real people) try to get the guys to diss Hanna, but none did.

Rose ceremony, she did not give one to the slimeball who got the final rose last time. Two of the other guys called him on his shenanigans in their chats with Ms. B. She did give a rose to one guy with whom she had a strong connection, who had started to act like he was Chosen® and she had to tell him to back off a couple of times.

It's still anyone's contest to win or lose.

America Unearthed is the name of the series where the geologist is finding ancient peoples in what is now the USA. Not just Vikings and 20,000 years ago Europeans, but also Mayans. I have 4 episodes to watch. And a Graham Norton.

Been rethinking this retirement move, maybe stay in CA, but somewhere less expensive like San Diego where there is Kaiser health. And do the manufactured home thing again. But will visit Houston first. Land prices are way lower in TX and FL.

Plans for tomorrow:
More places hunting
Try to get outside
Maybe Target for Comet cleanser and Starbucks

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