Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Here We Go Again

Up before the alarm. It got chilly outside but not inside. Somehow this house generates heat.

After a major lull, today three jobs I can actually do came to me from recruiters. One is at Google, and they were asking whether I can be at an in-person interview tomorrow or Friday. Did not hear back today so it won't be before Friday, most likely. I think it is with the consulting firm, not the Google hiring manager.

The second one actually came to me 3 times, two different recruiters at the same company and a third from a second company. Contract at Netflix doing exactly what I want to be doing - eyes and ears customer advocate tester. The third was chronologically the first, a QA tester position with a very high hourly wage, something to do with DNA. The company name the recruiter gave does not exist, I need to ask again (she gave it over the phone, not in writing). And she isn't on LinkedIn, so maybe the whole thing is a scam.

Some of that came while I was at Target. First I went shopping, it took a while to find Ajax and Comet cleansers hidden on the bottom shelf under the floor wax. Got the rest of things on my list, plus a couple of half gallons of ice cream and more k-cups. The Creme Broulee tasted awful chilled, need to try it hot. It will be a while before I get to the same off-brand cocoa, since I still have most of a box of a known good one. Whipped creme was a challenge, the labels were wrong on the shelf. According to the labels, real whip was a better buy than the house brand, but they had the quantities reversed. Real was 6.5 oz, house was 13 oz. Got a bag of "Peruvian" limes, 5 for $3.50 which is a little steep but only a little.

Put stuff in the car, grabbed the laptop and sat at a table in the in-store Starbucks to answer job email. Had to stop at that, ice cream was melting. Did not get anything at Starbucks, the line was long and they are the slowest of the slow.

Home, put stuff away. Mailbox was full, but it was too early so I guess I missed it yesterday. Need to check it again.

Delivered was a bottle of generic immodium which Amazon said was coming on Friday. Badly beat up padded envelope.

The doorbell spooked Spook, as usual. She wandered all around the house today, tripping the motion sensors, turning lights on in the bedroom and office.

I was all set to go to Bingo, but when I looked in the park magazine to see what time it started, it was last week. :-( The 4th Wednesday not the last. Boo Hiss.

There was a lot of tornado damage reporting on TWC, and Tivo had PTI, TMZ and America Unearthed. Still to be watched - Graham Norton.

Lunch was crab sui mai and a steamed pork bun and chocolate cherry cake ice cream. For dinner I nuked a bag of rice and cooked some Korean beef & onions which has been in the fridge freezer for eons. Strawberries and whipped cream chaser.

Did a late afternoon lie-down. No nap, just playing videos on the tablet.

Plans for tomorrow:
Baylands Park with the camera. It's supposed to be in the high 70's
Maybe an interview

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