Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Mostly photo FAIL day but calendar photo happened - by chance

The usual morning stuff, but no expected follow ups from the three recruiters from yesterday.

Waited till it warmed up a bit and drove to Baylands park. Took my folding cane with me, but it was massively in the way and I didn't need it till the walk back.  Should have put it in a knapsack. FAIL for the most part in the bird photos. No great blue herons, no egrets, no avocets. One (1) mallard. The swallows never came close enough to focus on, though there were plenty of them zipping around. I did see some bright yellow/orange plumage, but never got a clear shot. Might have been an oriole, bigger, I think, than a goldfinch. On my way out there was a hummingbird on the top branch of a dead tree. And a small black bird on the end of a branch of a live tree. Kind of artsy branch formation:

Should I crop off the left side?

But the WIN was the appearance of several lizards on the wooden floor of the viewpoint.

By chance, when I was looking for one which had jumped off the platform into the thistles, I saw this guy. I think this will be a 2020 calendar picture:

There was a drone being flown, probably illegally, by a group of guys on their lunch break. Very expensive drone, they set it on hover, and just left it at about 15 feet up and maybe 10 feet in front of them. Steady as a rock, and it was up from before I arrived until just before I left, maybe 45 minutes. There were also several RC airplanes, including a pair of delta wings.

And there was a DDG woman jogger.

On my way out I checked out the sign on the animal farm, and they are open to the public every Tuesday from 1-5, to that's on my reminder list now. It's also open one Sunday a month. No activity at all today. It's a place mostly for children to learn about animals, with an emphasis on disabled kids.

Made a steamer bowl for lunch. Need to buy more of those next week.

Mostly took it easy, some online time, some TV time (TWC), some Tivo.

Salad and breaded fish fillets for dinner. Ice cream.

Warriors lost in Toronto, which is a shame. A lot has been made lately of the fact that Steph Curry was a Toronto junior high phenom, his dad played for the Raptors.

Spent some time on a Thai visa lawyer site, and my Social Security is enough to qualify for a retirement visa without putting Baht into a Thai bank. The medical requirements don't mention any of my maladies - just communicable diseases and drug addiction.

Plans for tomorrow:
Drop off the rent check
Seriously look into retiring to Thailand.
Enjoy the summer- like weather

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