Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A Good Start

Good night's sleep, woke up a few minutes before the alarms. Turns out the new Google Home plays both its alarm sound as well as the one the dead unit used to play. Weird.

No HB eggs, so breakfast was a banana, and an egg cracked over a piece of American Cheese and nuked for a minute. Next time make it 40 seconds.

Not much online.

10-ish, drove to the community center for the monthly birthday/anniversary party. Talked to a few people but not the one I really wanted to (the only single there). Would have walked, but was going to MV, so no reason to have to walk home to get the car.

Computer History Museum parking lot was mobbed. After a couple of loops, lucked out with an SUV leaving, close to the entrance. There was a children's tech business workshop, lots of goodies for the kiddies.

Gift shop, looked in the usual places for kits, but they were all NASA things sis probably already has, or can get. There was a T-shirt which spelled GeNiUS in periodic table style, above which was printed "I Am A" and below "but I am a slacker" or something like that. Most of the good shirts were NASA or toddler sized.

Then, right in front of the register was a display of items encouraging girls to choose science. STEM Barbie just jumped into my hands. And in the back of the room was a poop plush emoji which could (but should not) be hung from a rear view mirror.

Next stop, Home Despot, where I had to rearrange some stock to reveal the reasonably priced garden hose reel and the 50-foot hose.

Home, staged the reel and hose by the carport water source, put Barbie in the office, and watched some TV. And of course Spook wanted treats.

Was feeling like my Hgl was low, and it was (78) so I whipped up lunch. Two open face chopped liver and greeben slices with extra schmaltz. Almost finished the store bought tub, have not touched the newly made jars. Probably should freeze one.
Dozed off a couple of times watching Dr. Jeff, Rocky Mountain Vet. What he and his staff do is fascinating, but the presentation needs work.

Texted birthday greetings to AG, he replied. Janice texted suggesting meeting at Shoreline *$s tomorrow, but there's a concert at the amphitheater which effs up traffic something awful, so we'll meet at another one, next to a Safeway. I have some shopping to do there.

Barbie just barely fit into a USPS large flat rate priority mail box, and needed two $10 stamps, which I happened to have 3 of. Needed some padding, but I have plenty of that from Amazon. So it will go out Monday, and get to Baltimore probably a day late.

Outside, set up the reel and hose, but hand tight wasn't enough for the reel connections, so I had to get out my massive expandable plumber's wrench. Still leaking - the short hose to connect the reel to the spigot was leaky, so I went online and ordered a better one and washers. To be continued. Watered the milkweed in the process.

I'd defrosted a bag of chicken thighs recently, so for dinner I dipped two of them in egg, covered with panco, and cooked in canola oil on a non-stick skillet, 5 minutes a side, then poured on some Alfredo sauce and nuked that for a minute. Delicious, but I was only able to finish one and 1/4 of the other. The leftovers are in the fridge. Oh, as usual I had a salad first. Spring greens, spinach, red onion choppings, sliced black olives, marinated artichoke hearts, cherry tomatoes, capers and blue cheese with bacon dressing.

Watched a wrap-up of the last three Gold Rush adventures with Parker. And Graham Norton for a change had a better musical guest (IMHO) than the regular guests - who were 4 of the cast of the latest X-Men farce. Taylor Swift did a new song I actually liked, and then joined the guests for a full chat. She is sooooo beautiful. Legs for days. Two visits to the Big Red Chair, I am pleased. Nothing left on Tivo, but I will try YouTube, there are many episodes of I Can See Your Woice/Thailand to catch up on. That's not a typo - there is no V in Thai.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sit on the porch with a cold drink and maybe my tablet. Behind on my reading. Maybe see hummingbirds
Maybe pull more gone to seed poppies.
You Tube on the livingroom TV
5 pm MV, Janice

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