Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Nothing Then Something, But Not Everything

Up before the alarm again, but after a pit stop, back to the bed and watched videos and read stuff on the tablet. At about 10 o'clock, Spook jumped onto the bed and curled up against my back, even with my shoulders. She did not get up when I did, and was still there after I showered and dressed.

Wearing my "got Howard?" T-shirt. I never did score a Tim Howard USA soccer jersey, this was as close as I got.

Not much to watch on TV, so I set the Tivo to YouTube, and watched an episode of I Can See Your Voice/Thailand, which it turns out I had seen before. I am always surprised at how little of the banter I understand word for word but catch the intent. One of the contestants looked very butch - short hair, a star razor cut into the shaved side of her hair, and tall for a woman. Her job is as a volunteer EMT. All this prompted one of the (male gay) judges to insist that the contestant was not only male and a cross dresser, but also couldn't sing.

Eventually the contestant got her chance and not only sang beautifully, she ramped up to a coloratura range ending. Amazed everyone.

After each contestant sings, they come down to floor level, stand between the two hosts, and introduce themselves. Name, where they are from, what they do for a living. After this intro, the judge came down to the floor level, and kowtowed to her, apologizing profusely. It was good to see.

Out on the porch for a while, but with the phone not the tablet. The poppies aren't quite ready to be pulled, but maybe tomorrow many of them will be. Will save seed pods for Janice.

5 pm-ish, MV, chatted with Janice till Starbucks closed, then both of us went shopping (independently) at the next door Safeway, but she only had a few items on  her list, I had a lot.  
I should have gone to the restroom right off the bat, and when I finally did, it was too late. And there was already water on the floor so I'm doing laundry right now.

Home by the back roads I used to take home from Google.

Watched some random TV. Whose idea was 90-day Fiancé? You know the one from not-America is a golddigger, and it will never work in the long run. Why even bother?

Tried to put all the food away, but I'm out of cabinet space for canned stuff. I've become my mother.

And I still need to go to Grocery Outlet tomorrow for onions, milk and salad greens. And probably mushrooms too. I need to make a curry with some of that chicken. Plenty of room in the freezer for quart containers.

Delivered was a spare power supply for the webcams (one fried last week, I borrowed from a spare camera). Also the replacement hose to go between the reel and the spigot, but it is male to female, and the rig needs female to female. So I ordered the right one. Probably will see it tomorrow.

Spent an hour on the job sites, but there's nothing new since last week.

Took out the garbage. May make another trip in the morning (not going out pantless tonight) to put some plastic containers in the garbage bin.

Plans for tomorrow:
Dig deeper for family-friendly  mobile home parks. Florida is popping up a lot. Texas not so much.
I expect to hang up on a few recruiters with Indian accents. "send me email"
Post office, drop off present for sister
Grocery Outlet

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