Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Purple Reigns

I was up a little early yet again, back to bed for half an hour after my morning weigh-in. The usual morning.

Was expecting email verification from a recruiter, but it never came. :-(

11-ish, PO, mailed middle sister's present, got a tracking number. Priority mail cost almost as much as the present. There was no line - odd for a Monday.

Went to my old manicure place, plugged in the car - miraculously the charger worked this time - there was nobody there who does acrylic, so I left my number expecting someone would show up in the next half hour, did some shopping at Grocery Outlet and went to Specialty's for a criossant and soda and played on my laptop while the car charged. Manicure place called, asked if I could come in at 2. Okay, fine. When the car was charged I unplugged it and went home.

That whole series of trips was plagued with bad traffic light timing, thanks to light rail and pedestrians (all the lights in that area give 2 minutes or more to cross, and if a train is coming, left turns won't happen any time soon).

Didn't buy much - salad stuff, onions, milk. Put it away. Made a salad, read news and FB and Twitter until it was time to get the nails done. Chose a color for a change, "midnight" which is a very dark purple. Had to wait 10 minutes, and then got interrupted by someone complaining about her eyebrows. This is why I stopped going in the first place. A shame, because this is the closest one to me, the two next nearest ones have been torn down for condos. 

Brought in the garbage bins. Pulled out a few handfuls of poppies gone to seed and harvested seed pods for Janice. Lee saw what I was doing so I showed her the seeds in a pod, and told her she could take as many as she wanted, I had a whole baggie full. There are enough already burst to re-seed for next year.

Lots and lots of roses. Two out of three honeysuckle saplings are doing well, one is no longer above ground. It may have accidentally been pulled out with Bees Friend clusters.

Watched TMZ and PTI  and I don't remember if it was yesterday or today, also saw the latest episode of the CNN show which arranges for criminals to face their victims. This one was special - teenaged gang banger shot a cop in the neck, 20 years later the gang banger has learned to read, earned a GED, works as a janitor in the prison hospital, does outreach sessions. He never denied his guilt. Cop has come around to believing that both of them were playing a role, not acting as humans. His wife wanted nothing to do at first with the meeting, but tagged along and watched from another room. After hearing the conversation, she changed her mind, came into the meeting and hugged the prisoner. He's up for parole next year, cop & wife will testify in favor.

No real lunch today, just that croissant. Dinner was a DiGiorno personal sized cheese-stuffed-crust pizza. Do not believe the directions on the box which claim this is a microwave item. It is not. It truly needs to spend way too much time in an oven.

Dessert was impulsive - I made an ice cream soda.

And it knocked me out - I had to lie down for an hour.

Delivered was the right connecting hose for the garden reel.

Received in the mail was the annual plea for membership $$ from the Computer History museum. Instead of dues I sent it back with a letter telling the new CEO shame on you for laying off 9 people while sending out this letter. Turns out it was 10 people.

Plans for tomorrow:
Hook up the hose
Baylands early afternoon with camera and visit the little animal farm. Animal Assisted Happiness. Open to the public Tuesdays 1-5.
Probably will also wander to the other side of the park to see if anything interesting is in the wetlands.
Maybe there will be job hunting

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