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Animal House

Hooked up the new hose, no leaks, I now have a working hose and reel at the far end of the carport to cover the back and side gardens.

Boring morning. Very warm, sat on the porch with a glass of lime soda, only saw a couple of small hummingbirds. Pulled out a couple of handfuls of poppies which had gone to seed, only to discover one of the bunches still had flowers on them. Harvested a ton more of the seed pods for Janice. I think we're getting together this coming weekend. Yeah, her next trip is the 10th. Sandy Eggo. I should give her my free whale watching coupon.

I didn't get to bed till 2 am, but was up at 7:30. It caught up with me around 6 pm. Fell asleep in the recliner for a few minutes while watching random channels on TV.

11 am caught Nancie's Facebook live stream. Rutabaga was the focus. I can't stand the stuff. Haven't even tried it since college.

No actual lunch - instead I went to the Animal farm at Baylands. It was hot - 83F - most of the animals were in the shade, but I did manage to get an alpaca and a couple of goats to pose. There was one very tame very fat chicken too.

On my way out, a case of identity theft:

Fashionista alpaca:

Fat and content:

Moved the car to the other end of the park and walked to my usual place, but the water was dried up and the grass was too tall to see over. it was so hot that a swallow was perched in a tree.  A police car with two cops in it drove up the bike path as I was leaving. That's happened once before, and shouldn't. Sunnyvale has bicycle cops, after all.

Home, happy to get into the air conditioning. The aircon in the car works, but not as thoroughly.

Watched parts of America Unearthed - three episodes - but deleted them mid-play because the forensic geologist is mostly chasing after hoaxes, and often gets all enthusiastic about runes and such which he has no idea about, but could easily find out if he had any contacts in the linguistics community. All his contacts seem to be with people reporting found artifacts and not with people who could interpret them beyond Carbon dating. He does call it a hoax when he sees an obvious one. But by then he has lost me with high school chemistry which I could have done myself.

Watched PTI.

Meanwhile, the search for places to move has me thinking Florida. Ft. Myers, Orlando, Tampa Bay.  Texas is still right up there.

Dinner was a salad followed by leftover panco breaded chicken thigh plus baked beans. Strawberries & whipped cream dessert. 

The Bachelorette was a mixed bag this time. Once again she invited most of the guys on a group outing to play rugby. After some training by the local (Rhode Island) club, they split into two Bachelor teams and played maybe a bit rougher than rugby is meant to be played. One guy tore his shoulder and went away in an ambulance, and the Bachelor Bully, Luke P., savaged one of the guys on the other team, Luke S. Threw him down, kicked him in the head.

So Hannah is all conflicted because she fell for P right at the start, but has had to talk him down a couple of times for being too aggressive/posessive. This time, even though every one of the 13 others tells her what P did and how they are scared of him, she wants to believe P himself when he says he's all innocent. She doesn't get it that she needs to send P home. Looks like instead she will send S home. To be continued. But in the middle of the show she has a 1-on-1 on a lobster boat with Tyler, he says and does all the right things to turn it around and show Hannah a great time.

Right now I'm watching it for continuity. It's the final episode which counts. Maybe. I wouldn't be surprised if she goes home alone at the end of this. All in all she is still that shallow Alabama beauty queen.

Plans for tomorrow:
Enjoy the aircon

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