Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

6-month Triggers

Today I have been unemployed for 6 months. This is significant in a strange way - it means I am again eligible to work on a contract job at Google. When they told me I had to step away for 6 months, I thought that was ridiculous (still do) and I would surely find a job elsewhere well before then. Actually I did have a job lined up, but the pimp pulled it out from under me the week before I was supposed to start.

Another thing has been happening this week - so far four recruiters located in the US, two of them in the Bay Area, have contacted me to see if they can make some $$ placing me directly with actual hiring managers. I had a long chat with one yesterday, another today and one is scheduled for tomorrow. There was also a pimp in Mumbai who didn't think my rules applied to him. He phoned using a spoofed number in NYC, it took way too long for him to get to the phone (robo call) so I told him if I didn't reply to his email, then I'm not interested. Hung up on him. He also wanted to connect on LinkedIn before there was a reason to connect.

I only have a couple of kinds of people I connect with on any social media: I have met you, we have worked together in person or remotely, or we were supposed to meet but Something not your fault happened.

My LJ is open, I'll converse with people I have not met, but usually will not add you to my friends' list. No reason to. I used to have dozens of friends here, but most have moved to Dreampoop. I have an account there, a free one, but I'm not on hardly ever because it's a very poor imitation. Most of the people I know there are also on Facebook.

Did not go out of the house today except to get the mail (just one credit card ad) and after dusk water the gardens and pull out some dying poppies. The culvert is full of exploded poppy seed pods. There will be new flowers next year.

Read more online news than usual, played that tile matching game and won a few hands of solitaire. Watched some TV, but TWC was mostly not showing the weather, they were playing OLD reruns of idiot shows like Highway To Heck and The 2,487 Worst Rains of Toads and Congresscritters. 1,086 was the time half the citizens of Irving, Texas dialed 911 to report an old Bush falling from a WWII replica plane.

Made a DG personal pizza for lunch, used the oven. Much better than microwave.

PTI and TMZ came on eventually. Harvey is on vacation, Charles is hosting and bringing many of the staff (one at a time) to co-host.

The Warriors got clobbered. Down 2-1 in the series. Too many injuries. Deja Vu.

As planned, after a salad, I cut up the chicken which was defrosted and in the fridge, and made yellow curry chicken. Threw in some sliced yellow bell pepper, mushrooms, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots but forgot the green peas (I'm all out). It was a big batch, I didn't use enough curry paste. I'll stir in some more - the wok has one or two servings left in it.

Plans for tomorrow:
Chat with the latest recruiter
Drive to Filoli for the first time. Partly to take pix, and mostly to hear/see a talk from Frank, a math art whiz who was in an operetta with me. Or rather, I was in an operetta with him - he played a main character, I was the last person in the chorus.

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