Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Stuff I Did Yesterday

but forgot to include in my post.
It was such a nothing day that I reached deep into my to-check-it-out list and located the safe box in which my silver dollars were kept.

What prompted this is a friend on Instagram keeps posting pictures of his coin collections as he buys them, and he mostly buys old silver dollars.

When I was born my father's brother gave him 7 silver dollars to give to me. I don't think he had given any my sister, but I never asked. Anyhow, those dollars stayed in my dad's safe deposit box until he died, and since she was the only sibling within a reasonable distance, my youngest sister distributed the contents of the box.

All four of us had agreed on who was to get what (there were some very valuable diamond rings and watches let by our grandparents) but little sister decided she wanted some silver dollars, and simply told me she took three of them.

So I have four, which is plenty. None of the 7 are especially collectible. 1899 is in bad shape, two 1924s and a 1923.  Looking online, the 1899 is a rare Philadelphia mintage, worth about $70 in its poor condition.  The others are worth about $18 each.

They were tarnished, so I threw them into my ultrasonic cleaner, but they came out splotchy. Tried one by itself, no change. Tried again with Polident, even more splotchy. So I've ordered some jewelry polish for ultrasound devices and will try again when that arrives.

A surprise was in the same box - an 1883 liberty nickel. This is the famous "no cents" version. Liberty head on the face, and it looks like the B may have been over-struck. On the tails side is a big V (for 5) but there is nothing on the coin to say it isn't a $5 coin. Later that year the word "cents" was added because scammers were gold-plating them and passing them off as the similarly sized $5 gold coin. Long story short, the one I have is in very good condition, and is worth about $8.
Sciatica two nights ago was keeping me awake, and Tylenol helped but I'd rather not use drugs. So I went online at Sleep Number's page, and they suggested deflating 5-10 points. I had done that a couple of weeks ago, but I guess not enough. So both sides of the bed were at 60, now they at 50. It seems to have worked. It also lowered the bed enough to put the cord for the overhead fan out of reach when I'm sitting.

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