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Fun without fractals

My usual morning, plus a few rounds of solitaire and "mahjong" online.  The sleep number change seems to have worked. Laundering the bedding may have helped. I meant to mention that in things I did yesterday, but forgot.

Side story. The guy who posts his coins on Instagram is a tuba player and conducts a community band in Milpitas and community theater orchestras. He invites me to play in his bands from time to time via FB, which is a puzzle for me because I don't think he has ever heard me play. I don't think he was in the Los Altos band, I know I haven't played in any group he conducted. I think he only knows me from theater, where I'm on stage not in the pit.


Watched some TWC, there was one spectacular video of a tornado cutting across the road in front of the videographer. And some nasty cars under water because the local Baton Rouge authorities didn't bother to put barricades up.

Lunch was about 1/3 of the leftover yellow curry chicken over rice. The extra curry helped.

1 pm Liz called as promised, she is a headhunter, lining up applicants for jobs at a small company which is expanding into San Jose. The company was just bought by another bigger one. She asked the usual recruiter questions, told me a bit about the company culture. It was founded by Russians and Israelis. The next step would be a phone interview with one of the staff, but she made no commitment to that.

3:15, left for Filoli, expecting to be there before 4, but my GPS took me by the slowest possible side streets, and it took more than an hour. The talk wasn't until 6, but there was no signage for it, and the info booth outside the admissions building had no clue. So I walked around a bit, took some blah photos, skirted around about 5 private events. The place is a HUGE brick manor house and out buildings, and enormous gardens, but the gardens don't bear close inspection. They are big, there are mazes, but it's one of those places which looks better from the air, from a distance.

I was also not thrilled that the first building past admissions (which is the old coach house) is a commercial nursery.

I didn't take many photos. I might just erase them.

The talk turned out to be where I thought it would be, in the classroom in the admissions building. Raised stage, projector, built in screen, lectern, wireless mike and wired as well. Comfortable padded seats, probably room for 100. Attendance was okay, probably 25 people found the place. Frank did a good job of showing his technique for combining math and nature to build "wallpaper" patterns. Not the kind you paste to the wall, though you could I suppose. He was wearing a shirt made from one of his patterns. Very cool.

The GPS tried to send me home on the same slow roads, but I just needed the freeway entrance. Took 45 minutes. On my way out of the parking lot I almost re-parked to take photos of the wild turkeys and the herd of deer. But I didn't.

Nuked a beef pot pie and watched PTI and TMZ.

I bought a ticket to a play for Saturday night, and got email letting me know there is a festival in the area all weekend, parking may not exist, and streets leading to the theater will be closed. :-(

Delivered was the jewelry cleaner. It did not do much for the brass statue of liberty medal/coin but the dollars came out cleaner and so did the nickel. Not as brilliant as I hoped, but better.

The statue of liberty coin is huge, about 1/4" thick, 2" or more across. Weighs a lot. But it has some dark splotches which look like tar but won't come off. And the patina is dull and uneven. I may need copper polishing paste for it. I may already have done that.

Plugged the car in when I got home, it was down to maybe 70%.

Plans for tomorrow:
Paradise Hotel is on the Tivo
It should be a good morning to sit on the porch with the tablet.
Maybe pull out more poppies.
Check the car's GPS settings. Make sure it is set to "fastest route" instead of WTF

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