Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Nothing to see here

This is just a placeholder. I didn't do anything significant today.

There was a video I wanted to embed, but can't do it here without posting a 2-hour item

In the mailbox was a letter from the DMV stating that when I got my TSA-approved driver's license they only required one proof of residence, but now the TSA requires two. LOL because I brought three to my appointment. Easy solution though - just check the box saying this is still your address, sign it and mail it back, and that will serve as #2 proof. Very clever.

Watched Paradise Hotel. The bad news is 3 of the 4 couples voted to kick out the only couple which had made an actual love connection, so the $250k prize was not going to the people who deserved it.

The good news is the final twist ended with the lying, cheating, manipulative blonde going home empty handed. Ditto the entitled body builder.

Did I mention I watched the new Below Deck Mediterranean? So far it sucks. Worse than last season. The new chef arrives suffering from food poisoning. Normally the captain would have sent her to the hospital, but did not this time. There is one deck crew member who has "just fire me now" tattooed across his attitude.

Pulled out a few more poppy plants.

No phone calls, no job leads.

On a whim I looked for mobile home parks in Austin, and discovered one on Howard Lane. It's more of an omen than meets the eye. I may drive up to Austin during my Houston trip. It's about 2.5 hours.

Plans for tomorrow:
Levi's Stadium job fair
Silent Sky at City Lights in San Jose. A friend is in it, and it comes highly recommended by an astronomer friend.

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