Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I Should Be In Bed

but I have a journal entry to write.

5 am, woke up and did not feel like going back to sleep, so I put on a robe, went to the kitchen, made a glass of chocolate milk and started a cocoa k-cup brewing. Sat in the recliner with the Tivo on. There was a fascinating infomercial promising dental implants in a day. I have been through the exam and the orientation program, and it is not done in a day. Not even close. While the shill kept repeating it is done in a day, the commercial clearly showed that the implant posts have to heal, which can take months, and they only mention in passing that long-time denture wearers such as myself won't have enough bone in which to implant the posts, so add more months to graft bone from somewhere else, and allow it to heal.

It only takes a day to do the exam and be sticker shocked with the price ($50k for me) and it only takes a day to fix the teeth onto the posts, except for the follow-up appointments. But the whole process can take a year.

Back to bed after finishing the cocoa, partly because Spook came to get me.
The alarm went off at 7:30 but I didn't really feel like getting up. Spook curled up against my back, purring loudly, which kept me there till about 10. Yes, there was something on my calendar for 10 am, but it was really any time between 10 and 2, and it was close by at Levi's stadium.

I got there at 11:50, after hunting for the sign pointing to the parking lot. The announcement said the yellow lot, but there is no yellow lot. Turns out they call the lot in front of the golf course across the street the yellow lot, but the only way you would know that is by a single sign which can only be seen as you're walking out of the stadium.

Parked, there was a distinct lack of people heading for the stadium, but many heading for a long line outside the convention center on the yellow lot side of the street. I went to the stadium, and the employees out front pointed me to gate E, which is in the stadium, on the far (northwest) side. There was no line, and two guys to wand me, open the door and point me at reception, where I got a wrist band.

Except for one or two people behind each of about 8 tables representing various stadium vendors, the place was empty. I was the only applicant. I asked the first vendor if his company had any jobs related A/V services and he said no, but led me to the 49ers table, which had nothing of the sort, but they offered to interview me. I figured what the heck, and was interviewed one at a time by two men who had standard questions for someone applying to work as an usher. The end result was they could have used me as an elevator operator and were wiling to sign me up, but the job was only $17/hr, only on event days, and they needed a $60 uniform fee. And training was on the weekend I will be in Houston. And no idea how to apply for jobs in A/V ops.

No thanks.

Checked out the team store, but prices were outrageous. $170 for a big name (Montana, Rice, etc,) jersey. T-shirts were $40+ and the design I wanted didn't come in my size. Hawaiian shirt was a $144 joke - faded red palm leaves design with a tiny 49ers patch sewn above one of the pockets. By comparison, the Giants Hawaiian shirt is printed with all kinds of team-related images, and was about $60.

Home, watched random TV, read online news, played some mahjong. Napped in the recliner a little. No lunch.

6:45 drove to SJ, it took a long time to find the free parking lot under the freeway overpass which is only two blocks from the theater. Free after 6 pm, so the theater's advice to come early was bad. I was at the theater by 7:15, and as often happens the doors did not open at 7:30 despite the sign. A little communication to the gathered crowd would have been nice.

Silent Sky is a 5-person play - four women, one man - about a female math whiz/astronomer back when women weren't allowed near a telescope. They looked at photo plates and made measurements for the men. Mostly well-written, superbly directed and acted, it was riveting. The set and tech was outstanding, especially some subtle lighting cues which I don't think most of the audience even noticed.

It was a full house, which is rare for City Lights. Not quite standing ovation worthy but almost. I saw a couple of long lost friends in the audience after the show there was a come on stage and chat with the cast, but it was crowded so I only talked to the one cast member I knew. She was so good I did not recognize her. IRL she is blonde and doesn't have an accent, on stage she was a redheaded Scotts woman.

Warm night, so the walk to the car was pleasant, and the drive home used the aircon turned up.

Home, made a salad, took undies out of the dryer and put them away. Watched some random TV. Went to get dessert and found that I had not closed the fridge freezer door all the way before going out, and lots of stuff was melted. Poured out the ice cube tray, reset the temp widget which was stuck at 55, closed the door and will deal with the fallout tomorrow. The fudgesicles have all melted but maybe the plastic they are inside of will preserve them. Luckily most of my frozen stuff is in the big freezer, including two boxes of mint chip ice cream sandwiches.

Plans for tomorrow:
Clean up whatever melted in the fridge freezer
Reload the ice cube tray
Water the indoor plants & the milkweed
Maybe pull more poppy plants - 50% chance
5 pm coffee with Janice
Possible stop on the way home to replenish popsicles & fudgesicles & frozen lunches.

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