Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

104° In The Shade

And 86° in the house, despite the air conditioner cranking all day. Soon after the air conditioner was installed (it is fan unit on the driveway connected to cooling coils which were added to the furnace assembly) it handled 3-digit temps, so I think something has died. I went to the installer's ween page and asked for a service appointment. I turned off the pilot light and set the Nest to cool-only.

In other weather news, Texas has been clobbered by extreme winds and rain, Dallas today, maybe Houston tomorrow. I may have to postpone my Texas trip. Have to decide tomorrow to avoid penalty fee$. Looked online, does not look like Houston or Austin are affected.

Out of bed by 10, the usual breakfast but late, so lunch was light and late - a bagel made into two open-faced cold cut sandwiches.

Watched The Graham Norton Show, once again excellent, with Thor, #10 and Gloria Estefan. The Jonas Brothers screeched out their latest hit.

Garbage pickup was late. Recycles didn't get taken till after 5 pm.

I've used a lot of ice and eaten much ice cream today. Dinner was more cold cuts, minus the bread-like objects.

Spook seems to be having a tough time with the heat, she has mostly been lying on the floor here and there, under tables and such. When I was arranging my dinner she came into the kitchen and meowed at me several times even though there were plenty of treats still out for her. Took her several minutes to notice that. She has a routine where she rubs her head inside the treats container as I pour out the kibble, and seems to expect that even if the kibble is already there.

Got lots of job leads today. One may pan out.

Put away shirts & laundered the sheets and put them back on the bed. Spook did not help.

Watched PTI, which is predicting a Toronto win tonight (I don't even want to look) and TMZ.  Now recording is Below Deck. Due to the basketball game, The Bitchelorette will air tomorrow night. Watched the season premier of To Tell The Truth which has good judges, but really scraping the bottom of the barrel for contestants.

So many daytime marathons - all from years ago - hogging up the cable.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe need to make a follow-up call to the aircon people. It will be a busy day for them. Temps expected to be in the low 90's.
Depends on the aircon - if no appointment available, go to Baylands Park

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