Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Cooler, but not by much. Bleeding accomplished. Poppies pulled.

It was about 10 degrees cooler today, but the house still retains heat. Aircon is totally broken, even running the aircon fan is no help. However the fans in the livingroom, office and bedroom help a bit.

Insomnia again, up at 3 am or so, first thing I did was reverse the direction of the overhead fan which was sending hot air from the ceiling down to me in the bed. Better to pull cooler air from the floor.

Still very warm so I drank some iced stuff. I was almost out of sodas so I Sodastreamed all the empty bottles and put them in the fridge.

Watched some America Unearthed, very interesting wild goose chase going for places Oak Island's idiots missed. Other islands and places inland. I almost fell out of my chair watching a dowser pretending to find gold.

Did finally get some sleep. No alarm set, woke up at 8:30, read email on my phone and finally got up and showered around 10. High Hgl, low BP.

A rep from Robert Half contacted me via LinkedIn with a promising lead. Amazon, functional testing of new Alexa devices. Santa Clara location in the new office cluster by Whole Foods. Also got email from Liz, a company called Atlona, which was just bought by Panduit. FTE tech support job, benefits include Kaiser.  Tentative hiring manager interview set for Tuesday afternoon.

Email from my doctor saying I was due for an A1C test, so I drove to the clinic and bled for them. On the way back I hit up the Chinese supermarket for $15 worth of canned Thai tea. Also got a small pack of ha gow and crab sui mai, and a box of corn starch. Also bought what I thought were additional salad bowls, but when I got them home they were too big - the size of my soup bowls. I used them for salad anyway, but my next trip I'll measure.

A few months ago I volunteered to help with a language study for a student in Chile. She is connected with a PCV who was active in the south bay group but then got a job at U Hawaii. Former PCV goes on summer programs to Thailand and Chile. The study started with a survey where they showed YouTube clips of Chilean comedians, and asked questions about the political correctness of the jokes as seen by an American. They also are polling people from India and France.

The first comic is a woman with a horribly grating voice who shouts/screams a bit and seems to be telling us she is gay by telling us she doesn't like pets. Or people. I wasn't offended but I didn't think she had very good material, and it wasn't very well organized. The second one was a young man who was easier on the ears, had a well planned presentation, and some very funny material not suitable for devout Catholics. I especially liked his take on Trump. He said Obama was good for darker people, but how many orange people are there? He went on to mock the people who say Trump is a dictator - "maybe we can get him out in the next election. Stupid gringos - with a dictator, there is no next election".

After each clip the survey asked about whether a particular piece of content was offensive, whether I understood the cultural values behind it, and whether I thought it was funny.

Tomorrow morning there will be a Skype call to follow up.

Home, lunch was sui mai and ha gow and Thai tea with plenty of ice. Dessert was whipped cream and strawberries, blueberries and grapes.

It was warmer inside than out, so I opened all the doors and got a bit of a breeze going. Spook is not loving the heat, but after the sun went down she loved being in the window sill by the slightly open window.

Around dusk I went outside and pulled most of the poppy bunches at the corner of the carport. Dozens of burst seed pods, so I'll have lots of poppies next year. If I'm still here. That freed a star jasmine vine which had been struggling but is all in bloom now.

Watched The Bachelorette. It started with her giving the final rose, once again, to the asshole. It ended with her not giving him a 1-on-1 date rose. But we won't find out till next week if she sent him home or is still hoping he will change. The man is a sociopath, he needs professional help and probably drugs. But he's very handsome, has the most buff body of the contestants, and, like her, has gotten by on his looks all his life. It's nice to see her growing up, but she still has a huge crush on him. She sent the token blonde home.

It looks like her second choice is Mike, who is black. I doubt her parents would approve. But he is smitten with her, which is what she is looking for. But there are still too many guys left to make a good guess.

The teaser for next week is shades of the teaser for The Bachelor she was a loser in. In that fiasco, the guy has a huge crush on one girl, she says no, and he leaves the show.

PTI and TMZ as usual.

Dinner was cold - sardines (Spook ate one of the two little pieces I tossed to her), muenster and American cheese. Ginger ale. Once again dessert was whipped cream and strawberries, blueberries and grapes. Yummy, less of a sugar hit than ice cream.

Plans for tomorrow:
Set the alarm
Start packing
Plan to park Friday morning in the expensive short term garage at SJC because they moved the park and ride to the other side of the airport from me, and long term parking shuttles are unreliable.
10 am Skype call
More job hunting
Pack some more

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