Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Almost All Packed after a very full day.

Up and dressed before 8, Hgl was good, BP was high but lower than it has been mornings. Labs came in from Kaiser, A1C is up a 10th of a point from 3 months ago, which was down a tenth of a point from 6 months ago.

Banana, the last HB egg. Which is fine because tomorrow will be too early leaving for the airport to have breakfast.

Follow ups from two employers, one with a phone interview set for Tuesday afternoon, the other with a job in the same building (but different group) at Google for $7/hr more. The contract rep talks directly to the hiring manager, none of this 3rd party stuff. She will suggest me on Monday.

1 pm, actually 12:55, Skype call as expected from Chile, unexpected was there was not only one but three delightful woman college students taking turns asking the questions. It was a lot of fun, going into more details about the two Chilean stand up routines which were the subject of the study. The original is in Chilean Spanish but the main thing was whether or not the English subtitles worked. They did. There is one phrase one of the comics used which is not correctly translated, but I forgot all about it until after the call was over.

As soon as the call was over I unplugged the car and drove to the nails place, where they found a nice woman to remove the dark purple color and replace it with a clear gel coat. One less trigger for TSA, and Texans. Plugged the car into the quick charger and went into GO for a huge pack of Bounty paper towels. $22 on Amazon, $20 with tax at GO.

Car still charging I went over to Specialty's for OJ and a sticky bun.

Home, did some re-arranging in the laundry room cabinet to get the paper towels in, and discovered two boxes of Swiffer pads I'd forgotten about.

PTI, then some time on the PC catching up. Plugged the laptop in - its battery runs down when it's off. Took 2 hours.

Found my old favorite knapsack from Interop, and packed little by little. All that is left are chargers for the phone & tablet, denture stuff, and I need to change to a fresh pair of jeans shorts. I should also look for my non-metallic belt buckle.

Dinner was simple mac & shells with butter and Parmesan. Strawberries, blueberries & whipped cream for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Wake up at about 5
On the road by 6
Park in the hourly lot by 6:30
Flight is at 7:30
Should be interesting. This is the first time I've TSAed since the pacemaker. I do have a GOES card so I can skip the line.
No free food on the plane, I will live off my body fat.

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