Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Change of Plans

It took two hours to get from the airport to the hotel, and way too long to find my dinner place and even longer to get back. The Nissan Versa is not as zippy as the Leaf, and I fear for its transmission. But also the freeways here and the frontage roads go on for miles, they don't have places to pull off to look at your phone and mine is not being vocal. And U-turns are far between.

Austin is a 3-hour drive, 95 degree heat with scattered thunder storms, so I am changing to the original Plan A and will go to downtown Houston with my camera instead. Six hours of driving gives no photo ops.

Sunday I'll visit David & Bui.

Houston airport - the new one - is way too big. No moving sidewalks, but there are tablets free to use at hundreds of little tables all through the place. And some laptop space. And free wi-fi. And lots of places to eat. So Monday I'll go straight to IAH and will be greatly entertained.

Leaving SJC was a breeze with the TSA pre-check. None of the shoes idiocy, laptops stay inside the bags. My pacemaker set off the scanner from 3 feet away, as I was telling agent I had one. They used the body scan thing instead.

IAH has pre as well.

The flight left late (the plane arrived late) but arrived early. The rental car routine is bizarre. There's a bus from the terminal to the rental center, all the rental companies are in the one huge garage at the south end of the airport property. Long wait for the one Budget rep. A group of 5 people who did not appear to be related to each other were renting a vehicle together. The person driving was not the person paying. Once that was done, it was quick to get checked in.  The car does not have a GPS, and Google Maps on the phone has not  been helping much. That's another reason to not go to Austin.

Kicking myself because I have a good Garmin GPS which I used to always update and bring with me on trips. Did not think I would need one this time. Also forgot sunglasses.

Plans for tomorrow:
Check with the front desk for ways to get to and from here to downtown Houston without driving myself
Maybe check out a Gentlemen's Club
Let David know to expect me around 1pm Sunday

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