Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Home Again

Up at 6:30, back to bed for an hour. Watched TV till 11:30. Skipped breakfast.

Checked out of the hotel, fired up Waze and it led me to IAH rental car return. I thought about spending some time in downtown Houston, but I'd had enough of the area's confusing traffic patterns and every other car on the road being driven like a tank in a combat zone. Houston prefers cars with menacing grills, and pickups which are too tall and wide to see past. I do like the way every freeway on ramp is a long merge on or merge off. Much safer than California's insane short ramps where incoming have to battle outgoing cars.

I was at the airport a little after noon, so call it an hour.

My plane had arrived at terminal C but was leaving from terminal E. Which is kind of an illusion because they are all connected. The United app told me gate 6, but when I got my boarding pass it said gate unassigned. Plenty of places to eat, I chose Panda Express, fried rice, egg roll, non-spicy beef & green beans. Just as I was finishing, my tummy decided I needed to get to the nearby rest room right away and make like a methane and shit rocket. It was too soon to blame it on lunch, but Red Lobster's greasy dinner the night before...

United messaged that my gate was E6. I was already close by so I sat down in the area to read. Then it was gate 12, not nearby. Then 22, way down the hall. Then E9 at the other end of the hall. That's a lot of walking. There are no moving sidewalks, and golf carts are few and mostly sit where they are. And like the frontage roads, places to stop and sit are far apart.

The plane was 10 minutes late boarding, but I know the drill and got on as soon as my section was called. Plenty of room for my bag and no one in my row yet. Full flight, though. We were about half an hour late into SJC, and it took another 20 minutes to get off the plane.

As I mentioned in a comment to fauxklore, this time there was a control for the video screen on the arm rest. The choices sucked, but at least I could watch something besides ESPN. No controls on the first flight was an artifact of sitting in the last row.

In another Bluetooth moment, my $500 noise canceling earphones reminded me that they needed a BT connection to stay on for more than a couple of minutes, so I had to keep my phone on.

And another discovery was that though we were clearly flying at about 30,000 feet, my phone altimeter still said 6300. I think that's from the pressurized cabin.

The car was where I left it, very close to the airport entrance, and exiting was easy, just tap the credit card and go.

Home, Spook made some noises but basically has been ignoring me. More than usual.

Entered all my receipts into Quicken. Charged 2 of the 3 camera batteries.

I'm all unpacked except for the bag of dirty clothes which need to find hampers.

No dinner. Made a whipped cream and blueberries strawberries bowl as a snack and started watching PTI but I'm too tired. It's 2 hours later Texas time.

Plans for tomorrow:
Up on time
10-2 appointment to get the aircon looked at
4 pm phone interview
Water the indoor plants
Take out the kitchen garbage
Download pix from the camera to the PC


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