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Cooling off periood

A few minutes ago I went next door, neighbor confirmed he had cut back my garden plants, so I opened up my STAGE VOICE on him and shouted that he keeps his hands off my garden and his self off my property. He seems to have gotten the message. But my blood pressure went way up in the process.

Banana and peanuts for breakfast again. Plenty of time before 2 pm Google Hangouts interview, so I went for a haircut (reverse Mohawk) and then to Petco two doors down for chewables which are hemp based which allegedly can calm Spook down enough for me to use the mat cutter that I also bought.**

Then next door to Safeway, bought fewer salads than planned because they were all out of my 3 favorites. Got more frozen lunches than planned. On to GO for strawberries, blueberries, whipped cream and donuts (which I was going to eat on the way home but forgot).

Home, Hgl in the 70's, felt worse. Donut helped. Lunch helped. Lasagna.

**Spook loves to have her head and neck petted, but ran away from the de-tangler and any move to groom her back. She ate 2/3 of one of the hemp treats, and it may have helped her sleep for a few minutes but she up and ran when I tried to take advantage of that. I suppose I should ask my vet for something.

In other news the aircon is working great. Left a happy birthday song on my youngest sister's answering machine. No doubt she and hubby are out somewhere.

2 pm I was online, and the contract rep was there but the manager was a no-show. He got stuck in a meeting, apparently. Rescheduled for 3 pm, he was 10 minutes late, and the room he was on was reserved by someone else for 3:30 so he had to cut it short. He's French, and his accent is very thick. I don't think I ever met him when I worked there. Not sure how the interview went. Not sure if I want the job now that I've seen how disorganized the manager is.

Today is Juneteenth, a mythological holiday celebrating something which hasn't really happened yet, 156 years later.

Three pending job prospects yet to be heard from. Adobe lightroom, re-scedule of interview with the Israeli start-up, and a tester job, consultant at Microsoft. I turned down another consult possibility with Google (I think) because they don't offer Kaiser. Make that 4- something with Apple.

Watched one PTI, today's was pushed away for a college baseball championship. TMZ - one watched 3/4 of the way one more to go. America Unearthed was a kind of a farce this time, but educational. The host got it into his head that Polynesians made it to Mexico thousands of years ago, but in the end we already knew that they got to Americas because Kennewick Man is Polynesian. Or Japanese.

Dinner was pasta shells turkey frank slices and swiss cheese. No dessert yet because it gave me the runs.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sit tight, more job hunting expected

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