Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Still angry

One of the reasons I stopped losing my temper is it takes me a long time - days - to calm down. And I can't stop thinking about what I yelled and what else I should have yelled. Or done.

I slept some last night, but was up at 2:30 when I remembered I had not taken my night time meds. So I told Google Home to turn on the kitchen light, then I put on a robe and took my meds and shot up some insulin. Not the full dose, though, because I'd had some low sugar episodes and the usual dose covers 12 hours, this one only 8.

Spook was in the bed when I got out of it, but she bailed when I went to the kitchen.

Up again at 7:15 because Bui called from Houston (where it was after 9) to thank me for the second cookbook. Real Thai, it was supposed to ship together with Real Vegetarian Thai but it came from a third party Amazon partner. She was thrilled, I suggested she should throw a party using the recipes.

Back to sleep. 7:30 alarm got shut off immediately. It is so nice to only have to speak to a device to turn it off instead of trying to find the snooze button again and again.

Did my usual online stuff, banana + HB egg for breakfast.

All day I was taking trips to the loo. Lots of gas, but not only gas. :-(

That was a continuation of yesterday, I ran through three sets of jeans shorts yesterday, laundered them today.

10-ish, went outside, dumped the contents of the garden clippings bin onto the driveway. Put back the dead poppy plants which I'd pulled last week, and spread out the sage, pulling mint out. Neighbor went way overboard trimming things which did not need to be touched.

I'll leave that out to dry until Saturday or Sunday, strip the leaves and bag them (I have almost zero sage in my cabinet or freezer) and put the stems back into the bin.

Next I pulled out a tomato trellis which had been holding the big sage plant back from the driveway, and watered all the carport plants. That all seems to have helped.

Got back onto Twitch, just lurking. As long as they won't delete my account I may as well use it, so I uploaded emotes. There was some storm chasing. And metal detector guy.

The only thing on Tivo was an episode of Catfish, which was a Piña Colada. You know, the song about the guy who takes out a personals ad, gets a date and it turns out to be his girlfriend?

PTI is kind of stuck, what with baseball being the only active national sport. FIFA women is the only other thing on the radar. They did remind me the NBA draft was tonight, but I don't care.

There will be TMZ to watch later.

Lunch was Safeway's grab and go faux seafood salad. Not very good. I tossed the thousand island and used my bleu cheese. Also added red onions. I need to slice another one. Tomorrow.

Halfway to dinner time I made congee with Campbell's chicken noodle soup and a packet of steamed rice. It helped settle my stomach. So did the ginger ale. A couple of hours later I mixed some peanut butter and a packet of peanuts. Then ate a couple of pieces of baklava. So no need for a formal dinner.

Janice texted asking to do coffee Saturday earlier than usual. Wu Tang Clan is playing Shoreline so we'll meet elsewhere.

4:30 phone call from a recruiter in Oregon, he works for a contract agency I've been working with. He had an unusual manual testing opening which he thought was in San Jose, turned out to be Foster City. They need people to test simulator software which simulates their autonomous vehicles. Did some searching and the company is Zoox. Check it out. He said they are hiring several people, contract-to-hire. Foster City is a PIA to commute to, but I have the commuter lane tags, and the local theater group, Hillbarn, is one of the best.

So now I have 5 possibilities.

There was a master gardener presentation tonight on my calendar, but it's in Palo Alto, no thanks, not during rush hour.

Plans for tomorrow:
Schedule a gutter cleaning.
Spread out the sage some more
Pull out the rest of the gone to seed poppies
Go somewhere where there are people. Downtown?

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