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Usually I remember because my older sister's birthday is the day after. It gave us an excuse to summerize her birthday. But it took a few Facebook posts to remind me this year.

Up at 6, back to bed till 7:20, was brushing my teeth when the alarm went off.

Back in bed, reading till 10, Hgl was 144, within target but on the high side. Banana and HB egg, not much email traffic. None of the job email matched my wants/needs.

Early afternoon there was a call and follow-up email for a job at Zoox, and then the recruiter for the missed interview called to say Monday 1 pm she was shooting for a make-up call.

After about an hour, Zoox HR sent an online quiz, it had a sample test which basically made sure I knew how to write a doc or text file, zip it and upload it. The real test was three essay questions, each one wanted a text file zipped and uploaded. The UI was very easy to use, and the questions were very basic. One was too basic - it assumed (very incorrectly) that there is one standard software development cycle. There is not. It's different not just at every company, but also for different kinds of products within a company. One difference I did not point out is some companies are marketing driven and others are engineering driven, and that will flip-flop the development cycle.

As usual, the recruiter for the make-up interview did not get right back to me like she promised.

Before all that I attacked the sage bush issue. I took a chair and a TV table out to the pile of brush on the carport, and started to strip leaves from sage branches into a paper bag. But after about half an hour it was clear that there was too much other junk - sage blossoms, mint, verbena flowers, dirt - mixed in that I wasn't going to be able to harvest sage leaves, so I raked all the stuff into the recycle bin, washed off the driveway and packed it in.

Delivered from Amazon was a bunch of small paper bowls and a box of Lactaid pills. From USPS was 3 month's worth of Pradaxa (blood thinner).

Emailed my BP results to my doctor, she confirmed what meds I'm taking, and had me add another Losartan pill to my night time meds.

In the park slot was a form for the 4th of July event, they do an all-day thing with your choice of hamburger or hot dog, free sodas, chips & sides. $6 per person. Bingo at very low prices. I think I'll skip it.

Called my youngest sister, back from a trip to Canada, talked for an hour before my blood sugar went too low to continue. Scarfed down some ice cream and honey** and took some time to recover. Hgl was 63.

Lunch was a Safeway Greek salad, which was not very filling so I also nuked a small beef and rice frozen lunch. **I had pre-desserted.

Dinner time rolled around as I was switching between college baseball semi-finals (PTI was bumped again) and CFL. Thought about going out for dinner, but I'd done a lot of that last weekend so just boiled up a couple of turkey franks on buns with mustard and sauerkraut and the last of the baked beans. Thai iced tea did not go well with that. And mochi which had melted and re-frozen had spoiled too.

Swiffered the kitchen floor. Brushed Spook.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try again to get the gutters cleaned (Yelp recommendation said he doesn't do manufactured homes any more) will call someone who advertises in the park magazine.
Janice @ 4:30
Salad fixings at Safeway


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