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First Things First

Happy birthday to a rare talent, caprine, if you're still on here.
Up at 6, don't ask me why. Spook started on the bed, but deserted me when I had the gall to get under the covers. She spent most of the morning on the box next to the window. She snores.

My Hgl log says I was up and dressed before 9. Low-ish blood sugar. Had another pre-lunch incident which was kind of ironic because at about 10 I went to Target's Starbucks but the line was so long and the wait for a finished product was longer so I just found a seat and read from the Kindle app on my tablet. Tummy still being rude to me, three trips to the loo before noon.

Bought some soda stream syrups and a couple of containers of mint chip ice cream.

Home, put stuff way, inhaled two scoops of ice cream. Made a salad, and also had a beef pot pie for lunch. And then more ice cream.

Left voicemail for the local gutter cleaner guy. Ad in the park magazine.

Immodium and lactaid are not working, I suspect a mild e. coli infection. Kaiser web site says give it a week to pass. Which means Monday I'll call the advice nurse if it's still a problem. In the meantime, no sodas, use the big fitered water container in the fridge.

Janice was half an hour late for our chat, she hates Houston and is glad it is off my list. She does red cross volunteer work and has been there a few times for floods, and doesn't like the place or the people.

Safeway salad shopping after, bought four pre-made salads. They had the kinds I like - chef and cobb. Also got the spring mix for do it yourself.

Home, back roads part of the way due to the concert at Shoreline.

Plugged in the car, it should take till 1 am or so.

Dinner was a chef's salad. Baklava for dessert.

Read Kaiser's recommendations for the runs, so did not have berries and whipped cream. Also switched to plain water. And cooked up a pot of rice (let it cool overnight and slap it into single portion sandwich bags tomorrow) and made rice soup with chicken bullion for an evening snack. I seem to be out of chicken noodle soup.
Graham Norton on Tivo. He did something kind of rude. His first three guests were touting a new movie, it looks like it will be a flop. Then on comes Madonna. But he upstaged her with Ian McKellan. And the musical guest was Cheryl Crow.

Two other recordings turned out to be Tivo FAILs - 2-minute promos for shows which Tivo thought were complete episodes.

I finished the book on Kindle, it started out well, and was fine until a couple of chapters before the end. Then it became a zombie apocalypse novel. The author crossed the line from fairly hard sci-fi to zombies. They take over the entire Bay Area in less time than it takes to drive from Mountain View to Walnut Creek. From a single gas-emitting rock in a secure facility at NASA Ames.

A couple of major stupidities in the book - she keeps saying that going from Walnut Creek to SETI and NASA in Mountain View means going to San Francisco. Of course those sites are 50 miles south of SF, and one would take 680 toward San Jose to get there by car. By bus it's down to Milpitas and across the bay via 237. She also has the protagonists nervous about buying bus tickets from the clerk, but there is no clerk, one simnply drops the fare into the box on the bus or tags a Cliper card, which Walnut Creek teenagers would most likely have. One could take BART to SF and Caltrain to MV, but she doesn't seem to know either of those exists. BART to Great Mall and bus across 237 would also work.

And she keeps having the NASA administrator say it's a secure site with lots of military research. That's not true. It's open to the public, just show ID at the gate.

It's Young Adult novel, which makes it all the more important to get the research right for a place you've obviously never been to.
Plans for tomorrow:
Depends (pardon the pun) on the tummy
Trim the California Lilac in the front which is getting out of hand
Pull out the last of the poppies
Maybe climb behind the shed and pull out the three huge weed-like plants growing back there
Maybe spring for a battery-powered wireless webcam for the carport.
Take out the garbage

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