Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Some Changes Made

Up before the alarm, but back to bed after a pit stop and weighing myself. Way too much time in bed with the tablet, found myself wheezing and short of breath. Not good. Comes from being too horizontal for too long.

Banana and HB egg at around 10, filtered water from the tank in the fridge. Doubled my diuretic.

Morning check - no new job stuff, not expecting any on a Sunday.

Transferred the rice into sandwich bags and put those in the freezer.

As planned, wheeled the yard scraps bin to the curb and cut the giant CA lilac way back, it was poised to eat the road. Blew me away that the leading branch was as big around as my thumb. It took a lot of work with my clippers to cut that. Also pulled out some dead poppies which it was hiding.

Charged the car overnight, so it was ready for the emergency run to Lucky's. Two items only:

Baby wipes

Because my butt is still leaking and standard TP has irritated it.

Home, found uses for both of those items.

The saltines raised a memory. I was at dinner with a friend's family. Soup was served - cream of tomato. Every member of the family crumbled saltines into the soup until it was a paste. Major WTF moment. I never put anything in cream of tomato soup. Crackers were for broth.

Lunch was a grab and go chef salad, popsicles later. Nothing on Tivo, no chasers on Twitch, played on FB a bit, watched random TV, dozed off in the recliner a bit as Spook curled up under a table and engaged in REM sleep.

Waited until it wasn't 85° outside before hauling the trash out. It included a litterbox cartridge. Used the last one today, three more expected tomorrow.

Delivered was a container of cat treats and a box of Kind bars. Yesterday a box of the same Kind bars was delivered. I checked, I had only ordered one. I have not been eating as many of them, now that strawberries are in season. Unfortunately, I think the strawberries and whipped cream have contributed to my tummy issues, though I'm not sure because Lactaid made no difference.

It has been better today. Saltines and water.

Late breaking news, confirmation of 1 pm phone interview tomorrow. I'm not really qualified for the job, but I'll leave that to them to decide. It's one of those things where my skills are equal to the job, but not my formal professional history.

Call from the gutter cleaner guy, he's booked till September. :-(

Reheated a packet of rice, threw in a piece of fried chicken thigh, green peas and bullion, added water and made that for dinner. Popsicles later.

Refilled the filtered water tank. Say that 10 times fast.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get out of bed at 7:30 and stay out
TWC may have some good stuff. I hate how they aren't live evenings and weekends.
Phone interview at 1
Follow up on last week's Google interview

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