Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not Such A Bad Monday

Still having TMI issues. Once again was up at 3 am, Hgl was 100, which isn't low but I had a Klondike bar and watched TV for a while anyway. Back to bed till 7:30. Turned the lights off and got another hour of sleep. 

Missed the part online where it said bananas were good for what I am up against, so breakfast was a pile of saltines and an HB egg. The advice is avoid fruit and milk, stay away from fiber, drink plenty of water. Coconut water is okay too. Rice is good. Toast & margarine also.

Garden bin was collected around 9, I brought it in. Got a step stool, pulled the wheelbarrow out from behind the shed, crawled up onto the retaining wall behind the shed and pulled out several massive weeds - a couple were more than 4 feet tall. The biggest one was about 7 feet, and wouldn't come out by its roots so I got the shovel and chopped at it until only a couple of inches of stem was left in the ground. The weeds took up 1/4 of the bin. Put the wheelbarrow back, and the step stool came inside with me.

Futzed around online and paid some attention to the weather channel until it was clear they were all about the east coast and not following the tornado warnings further west.

Somehow it became 1 pm, and the manager for the tech support FTE job called. That went well, we have a video conference scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

No word from Google. Or any of the other 4 in-progress opportunities.

2-ish went to the nail place, read from my tablet for half an hour because they asked nicely. Nails done, back to using clear top coat.

Across the parking lot to GO, got some stuff from my online research. Bismuth tablets, probiotic yogurt (Activa & Danon), white bread, blue bonnet margarine, chicken broth, Charmin.

Home, put stuff away. Garbage truck came by so I brought in the garbage bin, but recycled bin wasn't harvested till after 5. 

Delivered were three prescriptions via mail. 8pm or so the litterbox cartridges arrived.

The California flag keeps wrapping itself around the pole no matter what I do, so I took it down.

No formal lunch or dinner, but have consumed a sleeve and a half of saltines, 8 slices of margarined white bread toast, a pair of Kind bars, a handful of Famous Amos cookies, two bismuth tablets, and managed to choke down a bottle or peach flavored Activa while watching the Soyuz land and the three astronauts get pulled out. It's all done by hand, you would think that by now they would have ATVs outfitted for the purpose. Living proof that Russia is way behind us.

Was also tuned in to the SpaceX launch, which was scheduled for half an hour later, but with no notice at all they postponed it. They finally reset the live feed page about half an hour later than the original launch time. 11:30 PDT, not sure I'll stay up for it.

Tivo had Around The Horn, which I was curious about, but they beat each item to death and beyond. PTI covers more in less time. Also on the box was an annotated Below Deck, which was basically a rerun of the first episode with comments overlaid by the producers.

The Bitchelorette is recording as I write. I may watch till launch time.

Plans for tomorrow:
Continue to mourn the fact that I bought all kinds of salad stuff and fruit which I can't eat yet
Trim the roses
Pull up poppies from around the roses & sweep up the burst seed pods.

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