Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

The Day After One's Day

I think I slept a normal night, 3 am pit stop, 6 am also, up at 7:30 but read until 9.

Breakfast was at the suggestion of several web articles on tummy issues. Two servings of instant oatmeal. Apple cinnamon was first, it was a little watery. Maple was next, I way overcooked it, made a mess in the microwave. Also had a banana. Water and coconut water.

Caught up on email. The only job prospects were in Colorado. Got a phone call about a job at Sony in San Mateo (I thought they were still in San Jose, just moved down the road a bit). Idiot Indian recruiter pimp tried to convince me they didn't need a programmer even though it said they require 2 years of Python. It was actually more DSP than QA, testing codecs.

Read all the news sites, played some Solitaire & mahjong. There were a lot of storm chasers streaming, and I also watched the metal detector guy for a bit.

Nibbling on toast & margarine. Overdid lunch - cut a frozen fried chicken thigh into strips, added green peas and chicken broth. Dumped a packet of rice on top. Microwaved for 5 minutes.

Watched the weather channel and random channels.

3 pm, took a nap - fell so asleep that when I woke up an hour later I thought it was morning.

Brushed Spook, got a little further but she needs those mats cut off. She kept running away and hiding under tables.

Called my vet, they suggested a calming spray, I ordered a bottle on Amazon.

Dinner time had a Jones for Wor Won Ton soup, got in the car and detoured to Petco, bought a couple of pheromone cat calming diffusers. And a better brush. On to Murphy Ave, checked four Chinese restaurants, none of them had wor won ton soup. Well, out of the three which had menus posted. Tao Tao did not have their menu out, and after waiting for a receptionist for 5 minutes I gave up. 8 pm, the place is open till 10:30...

Looking at their menu online, they do have it. Bummer. Maybe I'll have dish dash deliver some tomorrow.

Murphy Ave was busy, lots of eye candy, especially a particular waitress at Fuentes.

Home, put diffusers in the living room and bedroom.  When the spray arrives I'll use it on the sheepskin rug and the bed. And maybe the window perch.

Watched PTI and Below Deck. Captain Sandy really needs to fire the chef and hire a replacement. I can't believe she couldn't find one in the south of France if she looked.

Still left to watch - two each TMZ and America Unearthed.

Plans for tomorrow:
Oatmeal & banana breakfast
11 am order Tao Tao meal from doordash
2 pm video interview
Watch twitch streams & catch up on Tivo
6:30 bingo


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