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And another door re-opens

Up at 7:30, read till 8:30, then oatmeal & banana and my usual morning routine. Plus it was time to refill the two pill boxes for the week. And email my doctor to up the dosage on one of the BP meds.

Boring morning, except for a 2-hour MTV show, Are You The One? It was marked as the final episode of last season, but there were two more on Tivo, and it turned out the be the first two episodes of this season. Usually, the format is an even number of contestants who have been previously matched as couples by a staff of shrinks and tarot card readers, and the contestants are supposed to follow their hearts and find their perfect match. In the past there were gay and straight contestants, and they stayed in their lanes. This year all the people are bi, allegedly, and the theory is anyone can match with anyone else, there are no lanes. But the behind the scenes staff has still chosen them as couples, and there is the same hocus-pocus Truth Booth where so far one couple which seemed to be well suited to each other were declared not a match. It was a hetero couple, and as soon as they were broken up each went to a gay second choice.

On FB Nancie posted a cake recipe which included something called mint syrup, my sister commented that it might be done with rose petals. So I followed the recipe as closely as I could and made rose syrup, but the vanilla hid the rose scent. It takes 3 hours to steep, so the afternoon project was to harvest a bunch of mint and make mint syrup just with mint, sugar & water. It smells like mint. I'm not making the cake, though, just looking at using the syrups to sweeten tea.

Took the clippers to the roses and cut back some which were threatening the pathway and road. Also headed a few branches.

Lasagna for lunch. So far no repercussions. Only ate 2/3 of the dinner-sized serving.

PTI and Weather Channel and some Twitch streaming. No storm chasers.

Running out of sugar from the syrups, so made a quick run to GO. Bananas, marshmallows, coconut water, mochi and a box of 3 Tillamook ice cream-ish pops - dark chocolate coating, dark chocolate gelato and raspberry sorbet. The chocolate is excellent, the whole pop is yummy. That was dessert for dinner, beef chow fun from yesterday's delivery. It took way too long to defrost and reheat. But it was excellent.

CFL game in the background. Love those Canuck accents.

No word from the AWOL interview manager or recruiter. Also no word from a week ago's Google interviewer or contract agent.

But late this afternoon, the account manager for the Apple job called, the hiring manager wants to have a conference call tomorrow morning at 10. Excellent. It seems to be the only true manual tester job at Apple. Looked up the hiring manager on LinkedIn, he has an amazing resume, all Apple, many huge projects, and it looks like he's in charge of all QA. He's also a PADI dive instructor. The only mutual contact we have is one of my BASFA acquaintances who has never worked for Apple. He did develop an iPhone game on his own, though.

Account Manager edited my resume to make it all bullet points instead of paragraphs. Easier to read, except some of the bullet points don't belong together. No big deal.

Plans for tomorrow:
9:50, be online with account manager for the 10 am conference

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