Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Bad News while u wait

10 am phone interview happened, manager was only 5 minutes late. 30 minutes of a reasonable interview for a job I could definitely do. Recruiter called in less than an hour to tell me I didn't get the job. :-(

It's good to have everything done in a timely manner, considering all the other crap I've had to deal with, but kind of insulting to be told no so quickly.

Breakfast was a banana & 4 pieces of toast. Did all the online stuff, lost a round of solitaire killing time before the interview.

Lunch was a Safeway chef salad, and some online research gave me an answer to my TMI symptoms. There is an exercise I can do. It's simple, easy and makes sense.

Spook has been hiding on the floor under the table almost all day. I was able to snip a big mat yesterday, but there are more, and they obviously bother her. The pheromones are making her calmer but not calm enough. Time to call the vet again, I think. Or look for cat groomers. Petsmart claims to groom cats but they wouldn't let me book an appointment online, so maybe not.

Got bored, took an empty soda stream cartridge and my tablet to Target, which once again did not have any cartridges in stock. Got a mocha at their Starbucks and read for a while. Lots of pretty women, too many of them too young to even think about. And the ones who were old enough were banded.

Back to the car a little after 4, still bummed by the bad news/no news. And facing the real prospect of having to move, after so many hopefuls.

No pizza night - the host is back east at a family reunion.

Dinner was the last from Tao Tao. Defrosted and reheated the Tao Tao beef with fried rice, egg roll & won ton chips. Excellent. Mint chip ice cream for dessert. I think the TMI issue is under control.

In the park mail slot was a multi page thing starting with a letter from the manager saying the rest was sent by PG&E so he passed it along. It was the PG&E documentation for why they might turn power off to prevent wildfires. Totally not applicable to us.

Channel surfed to Live PD. I am amazed at the wide variety of quality (and lack of it) policing around the country. And the huge numbers of cops and cars with flashing lights which might show up for a simple traffic stop.

YouTubed the highlights of the women's soccer match, USA had a legit win this time, but the player who scores most of the goals is still grandstanding after each score, a disgusting lack of sportspersonship. She always goes off on her own, instead of joining her team. They catch up with her later.

It's early. There is still PTI to watch, and CFL.

Way too much support on FB for Kamala Harris, who would do better to get off the campaign trail and do the job she was elected to do. She's pulling an Obama, jumping from one opportunity to another before she has put her time in.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe go to Fry's and look for battery powered outdoor security cameras. Want one for the front door and one for the carport.
Have not heard from J so if we're meeting it will probably be Sunday.
Which is okay because there's a Hootie & the Blowfish concert Saturday and Sunday I want to photo some egrets again, a couple of blocks from out meeting place.
Mope some more.

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