Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

When One Door Closes, Maybe a Van Will Pull Up

Busy day considering I had nothing planned.

Up at 7, had not set the alarm (went to bed at about 10:30, slept intermittently with vivid dreams which I can't remember).

Banana and toast. Probably will go back to eggs tomorrow. The TMI exercises seem to be working.

10-ish, dropped the rent off at the clubhouse, then drove to New Wing Yuen for coconut water and the other brand of 16 oz canned Thai tea. Lobster is still $14/lb, no trout on hand, no Dungeness crabs only small rock crabs. Mochi is $2 a package more than GO. I had brought my favorite melamine salad bowl, but they didn't have that size or shape.

Home, online I found similar bowls at a warehouse site, $18 for the bowls, $20 shipping. Still less than Amazon.

Delivered were two meds, via USPS.

Later, Amazon courier delivered a box with two leashes (I only ordered one -- this is the second time this week Amazon sent me free duplicates) and three packets of something for the TMI symptoms.

Also in the mail was spam from a large insurance company, addressed to someone who has never lived here. Tore it up and garbaged it.

Idiot next door neighbor was up on his roof vacuuming. He still hasn't taken the cover off the air conditioner up there.

I did some watering. The honeysuckle saplings are doing well, but not the pretty cobalt blue flowers I planted a couple of weeks ago. I did not plant them deep enough.

Went to Fry's to buy a couple of Arlo cameras and a base station (they don't work without one) but they wanted $450 for the set. Looked them up on Amazon, they were on sale half price today, so I ordered the set. I could have shown the price to Fry's, but they keep the Arlo stuff in a display case and nobody was around (as usual) to help. And they sometimes don't honor sale prices.

It's still a cashectomy, but I really need cameras on the carport and front door to see why the motion sensors are going off.

Skipped lunch, I did nosh a little.

Online, watched metal detector guy, and two storm chasers were online. One was checking a major haul of new equipment - his car was destroyed in a hail storm, he bought a new tricked-out Jeep and installed all the cameras, cell phones, modems, signal boosters and even a mattress. Extremely impressive. But all he did was test stuff in his driveway. Maybe tomorrow... The other guy was at the scene of a neighbor's who had a tree fall against the power lines in front of his house. Lots of chatters online, the top of the power pole was still smoking.

After hearing that my two local Petsmarts don't do cats, I went onto Yelp and found a place which does, not too far away, near the Ranch99 market. Made an appointment online for Tuesday. Got a phone call in about an hour, they are booked for a month, and they do cats in the same room as the dogs, so she suggested Spook would be better off with a mobile service, and she emailed me a list.

My first choice turned out to no longer do cats, but my 2nd choice does and I was able to get an appointment for Tuesday afternoon. It was confirmed in about an hour. The place is called Alpha Grooming Pet Salon, and the web site asks which part of the Bay Area you are in and gives a list of all their people. I chose a woman who has been doing this for 10 years, originally from Brazil. All the people were from Central and South America. Mostly men. So Spook will get a bath and brushing/dematting. Hopefully this will help her keep herself clean again.

FFed through a CFL game, Montreal still hasn't found a real QB. They tried Johnny Football, but fired him when he turned out to be Johnny Rotten.

The only other thing on Tivo was Graham Norton, which was interesting, but not as good as it would have been if Tom Hanks had stayed home. Gwyneth Paltrow was there as well and the two heroes of the latest Spiderman movie. The musical guest went all Jesus on us, and the interview part showed him to be lacking in grey matter. Big Red Chair was amusing.

Dinner was leftover lasagna and a chopped liver sandwich. I drank a lot of Thai iced tea today. Switched to cola for dinner.

Plans for tomorrow:
Lazy morning
Early afternoon drive to Shorebird lane and shoot egrets. There should be some great whites by now. Then to BB&B for sodastream exchange, and meet Janice at Starbucks back by shorebird. Or maybe I'll start at BB&B. It's not going to get that hot - 70's - safe enough for the cartridge in the car, I think. There's an insulated bag in the kitchen cabinet, maybe I'll throw in a cold pack or two.

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