Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Shooting birds and butterflies

It was a well planned day. Up at 7:30, the usual morning but with saltines instead of egg, 11-ish to BB&B, did a SodaStream cartridge exchange and bought some syrups. Packed the cartridge in an insulated bag with an ice pack.

On to Shorebird Lane to shoot great white herons, but the ones I saw were in transit and I did not get a good photo. Night heron was the first to hold still

And a snowy egret building a nest

Chased a monarch butterfly which lit on a plant which looked a lot like milkweed, but probably was not.

Kept an eye on my watch, got to The Pear Theater in time to buy a seat for the final showing of Noel Coward's Present Laughter. Someone I know was in it, someone I know directed it. The play is about a 40 year old actor who is a major heart throb and narcissist who is caught between a 21-year-old admirer, the horny philandering wife of a business partner and his not-as-estranged-a-he-wants-her-to-be wife. The cast also includes his not at all sexy secretary, his butler, two producers and a totally off the wall first-time playwright who was played by someone who may have been on meth. I have no odea where the title comes from, nothing in the play justified it.

The first act was a very long hour. By 15 minutes in I was ready to leave. The play is chatty. There are way too many words saying way too few things, and most are delivered as mini monologues. Coward kept the witty repartee to a minimum. Three acts, each seemed to go on forever.

On paper the synopsis makes sense, little by little all the Actor's women are fighting to be with him, and his planned solo trip to Africa becomes an entourage of every character who had been on stage. But it takes too long to play out, and by the end I just wanted to get out of there.

Which I did, because in half an hour I was meeting Janice two blocks away for a Starbucks chat.

We talked till 7, then it was home, plug in the car, put the BB&B stuff away, took out all the garbages including a pile of cut-down boxes in a bundle.

I have now watched the first two episodes of Good Omens on Amazon Prime, and am impressed with how not-Who David Tennant's character is. I frankly don't remember the book, I read it while Sir Terry was still alive and well, I think. Excellent technical production values, especially the audio.

Nothing on Tivo. 

Channel 103 plays some great B&W TV shows - Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers, Perry Mason and not so great Route 66 and Matlock. Andy Griffith just doesn't sell as a lawyer.

Delivered was the Arlo 2-camera system, but I won't have time to install it until tomorrow afternoon, probably. The batteries need to be charged and I need to come up with a way to stick the mounting discs to the carport column and the top of the front door frame. Velcro probably.

Plans for tomorrow:
Up at 7
8:45 pacemaker check at Kaiser clinic
Maybe hang out at a starbucks with the laptop
Job hunt
Move the garbage bins up by the shed so I can pull the car up enough for the groomer's van tuesday.

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