Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Bad Omen, Good Omens

After the usual morning routine, I was hoping to watch my friend Nancie's Facebook live stream at 11, but she posted that she was too busy with 4th of July prep to do that today. :-(

Next on the calendar was a 1 pm visit by a mobile cat grooming service to bathe and de-mat Spook. She emailed that she would be 45 minutes late. Turned out to be an hour late, phone call from her driver that he was by house #93 and lost, which meant he passed right by my house, went to the end of the block, and got into the dead end where the RVs and boats were stored.

Meanwhile, Spook was on the floor of the guest room, so I closed the door and chased her around for a bit, shortly got her into the soft carrier. Took her out onto the driveway and sat on the bottom of the steps to wait for the van. She was not happy in there at all, yelled a lot and scratched at the mesh walls, and managed to turn circles in a box which was not much wider than she is.

From there it was easy, I handed Spook over, signed the contract and waited an hour.

Well, not waited, I binge watched Good Omens on Amazon Prime. I don't use my Amazon Fire very much because even with Prime they charge for everything. But this series was free, and the production values were top notch.

Paused right after an hour, when they rang the bell and traded Spook for $80 (and I threw in a $20 tip because Spook could not possibly have been an easy client). I let Spook out of the bag, and she hated on me for a couple of hours. The silly little bandanna they tied around her neck did not seem to bother her at all, but it bothered me, and eventually she let me cut it off while she was sunning herself on the cat platform by the front porch windows.

Good Omens had a lot of pretty good acting, especially the kids, but I did have a problem with the casting of a very small boy as Beelzebub, who was, as the name implied, surrounded by fies, and of the archangel Michael being a Hellenic looking woman. The four horsemen included two women, but that was fine. I loved the twist at the end, and I don't think it's much of a spoiler to say Tori Amos singing A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square during the final scene and closing credits as the two angels dined at the Ritz almost made me cry for joy. And the 5.1 audio sounded so good on my home theater system. Throughout the series they made good use of the back channels. At one point I had to pause the playback to know if that was the on-screen dog or my neighbors'. It was my neighbors'.

No storm chasers. No PTI. TMZ was unusually repetitive. Watched one episode of The Lone Ranger (left one on the box). They have a theme going where the middle aged white man in a position of trust sets up a scheme with Bad Men to rob something and frame an innocent person.

For lunch, it was supposed to be a Safeway faux seafood salad, but it had been in the fridge too long and the greens and lemons had melted. So I made my own salad and used the fake seafood on it. Dinner was melted cheese and ham sandwiches.

All the job prospects today were false alarms. No word from the ones in progress.

Plans for tomorrow:

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